Formats and types limits & filters

Need to figure out which formats and types are represented in our catalog and what names we use to identify them in bib records.

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  1. Jennifer Kolmes says:

    Are we starting from scratch here? I mean, we have no record of what is recognized in PONI? Oftentimes, type and format are identified by codes in the MARC record (as opposed to words), but there should be a record of those decisions around here somehwhere.

  2. Toni Nolen says:

    “Type” Is from the leader in the MARC record. In PONI Classic, we used a combination of codes from the “type” field in the leader and the “format” field in the 008 field to come up with the format types to limit by in PONI. We also renamed some of the terms. The coding we used in PONI Classic is available for our review, but we do not yet know whether it is possible to specify the combinations of formats and types in the new catalog that we specified in the old. We had a subcommittee that worked on this several years ago and we anticipate forming another subcommittee comprised of OPAC team members to explore this issue again for the new catalog.

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