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Incident code 16384-49645 reported 8/19/2008
We would like to implement a redirect on the 700 field in the displaycfg.xml, but using “author” as redirect is not allowing us to redirect down to the T subfield. What is the search name for an Author/Title search that we should use for this redirect?
8/21/2008 Hi Toni,

In the current system, there’s not a code for an name/title redirect. If you would like one to be added to the default, we can turn this incident into an enhancement request to see if we can get it into a future version of Voyager.
If that’s not what you had in mind, I’ll need a little more clarification on what you were envisioning. Did you want to see the name be hyperlinked to an author search and the title be hyperlinked to a title search, both on the same line, but conducting different searches depending where on the line a user clicks? Or was it something else? I’m not quite clear on what display and functionality you were looking for.
Let me know–you can update this incident via eService or give us a call and ask for me.
John Larson
8/21/2008 In the previous version, we had this redirect defined for Author searches:
Other Authors, Contributors, Titles, etc.:
700 XX abcdefghklmnopqrstu A adklmnoprst
Note that we were able to redirect all the way to the title field. This was effective for retrieving say all the entries for, Shakespeare, William. A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Any prolific author with their works is helped by having this type redirect search available. When we try to use the author redirect this way in the new version, the system attempts to place the title part of the redirect search in the author first name search box and of course the search fails. Toni
8/29/2008 Hi Toni,
Just to be perfectly clear about how you’d had it set up–when you set it up before, do you happen to remember (or still have the configuration file around to check) what redirect type you had the A (author) redirect set up to? I assume it was name/title, but I just want to ensure that I understand it.
I’m shipping a bug shortly regarding the inability to assert the redirect type (e.g. browse, keyword, name/title), and part of that report will include the fact that name/title is not an option, so this should be covered. I just want to be sure that this is the gap in functionality you’re describing. If you don’t recall and don’t have your previous opac.ini to check, let me know and we’ll assume that that’s what’s affecting you in this situation. If you can check, let me know the value of the “AuthorSearchRedirect” variable from your previous opac.ini.
Either way, you can update this incident via eService or give us a call and ask for me. I’ll be reporting the behavior described above, in the meantime, and if it’s what’s affecting you I’ll link this incident to that report.
John Larson
8/29/2008 In our opac.ini file, we were using AuthorSearchRedirect=Name/Title Browse. We have made our old catalog (pwebrecon interface version 7.0) available at if you would like to see how this worked. Do a title search on “Twelve select overtures” and view the full record. Notice how the redirect on 700 field Beethoven, Ludwig van, 1770-1827. Gescho??pfe des Prometheus. Ouverture; arr. searches across both name and title subfields. We’ve noticed that many libraries that used to have this functionality in Voyager (i.e. LOC, Rochester) no longer have it. UCLA does still have the functionality in their catalog. Our previous display2.cfg file had the 700 field redirected like this so that an author redirect also included associated titles in the author heading entry:
Other Authors, Contributors, Titles, etc.:
700 XX abcdefghklmnopqrstu A adklmnoprst
Thanks, Toni
8/30/2008 Hi Toni,

We have determined that your incident may be caused by a software bug. This is the first report of this problem, so it will be reviewed internally to confirm that it is a bug. It will appear in your eService Support Incidents with a status of “Development”. Once it has been confirmed a bug, it will appear in the eService Knowledge Base as a Known Issue.

If you have any questions regarding this incident or ever want a status update regarding this bug, please visit the eService at, retrieve the Support Incident and click on Add New Activity. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

John Larson
Customer Support Analyst
Ex Libris Group
Customer Support: 877 445 5693

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