Need help getting composite library locations back in quick limits on Basic Search page

Incident code 16384-46720 reported 8/5/2008
I’m apparently doing something wrong when trying to edit the quick limits section of our WebVoyage.Properties file. Here is how I entered a library location limit in that file: Library

This limit works for keyword searches on the basic search page, but not for left-anchored title searches. Thanks for any help you can provide. Toni Nolen
8/6/2008 Hi Toni,
It looks like you’re using the Location Limit Group’s “code” from SysAdmin (BRALL) rather than the “name” (Bridwell Library: All). This actually works just like it did in the Classic config files–location limits accept the value of the “Name” field for the location limit group established in SysAdmin. Give the name a try and see if that retrieves the expected result.
I’m going to set this incident to a status of “Closing” to give you time to review this answer and get back to me if you run into problems. If it works fine, no action is required on your part. If it’s still not working as expected, let me know and we’ll figure out the next step. You can give us a call and ask for me or update this incident via eService.
John Larson
8/8/2008 Limits restored, but some subsequent filtering on locations not working correctly.
8/15/2008 Hi Toni,
Did my explanation from last week take care of this issue? That is, is the location limit group working as you would expect now, or do we need to look further into the problem? Let me know if you’re still seeing odd behavior. You can update this incident via eService or give us a call and ask for me. If location limits are working fine, let me know and we’ll close this incident.
John Larson
8/28/2008 Found a problem with Sys Admin location not having a space in the Hamon composite location name and the WebVoyage.Properties file having a space. Deleted the space and all location limits are working correctly.
8/29/2008 Incident closed

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