Controlling order of searches on basic.Search page

Incident code 16384-41309 reported 7/11/2008
I tried commenting out the default TKEY^* search on the search.Basic page in favor of a left-anchored title search, but now neither title search is appearing. I added a left-anchored journal title search and it is showing up correctly. I need to make sure I understand how to order those searches the way we prefer: GKEY^* first; TALL (left-anchored) second; JALL (left-anchored journal titles) third; and CALL+ (call number browse) fourth. Also, is there a way to keep that drop-down box open where users choose the field to search on the search.Basic page? Toni Nolen
7/15/2008 Hi Toni,

I’ve been transferred this incident and begun looking into it, but I’ll need a little more clarification before I can go forward. I’ll explain how to control the order below, but I’m confused about the question regarding keeping the drop-down box open–I’m not quite sure what you’re envisioning. Can you clarify the question?

I’ve not been able to connect to your test instance of WebVoyage 7–can you send me a URL where I can take a look at it, or is access restricted?

And, finally, I took a look at the file in the sandbox skin, which appears to be what you’re editing. The problem appears to be that you’ve established two search variables with the same name (probably through copying and pasting). The following is from that file: Title

Change the JALL variable to something unique so that the system isn’t trying to overwrite one setting with the other (and getting mightily confused, I imagine). A new setting that should work would be the following: Title

You may want a different variable–it’s up to you. You have a similar issue happening higher up in that section–the GKEY search variables are repeated. Again, it appears that they’ve just been pasted in place: you can delete the redundancies.

In the search section, the line ending with “.order” for each search will control in what order these searches are displayed in the drop-down. So, according to your description above (which doesn’t quite seem to match the current file I’ve looked at), you would set the following lines (all in their appropriate sections, of course):

However, make sure that all enabled searches have a unique “.order=” number–if two have the same order number, one of them will not display. Finally, I noticed that you have two more searches enabled for the basic search page at the moment–Subject Keyword and Author Keyword. Is that intentional? If so, make sure they have unique order numbers as well, such as the following:

Let me know if the above changes fix the problem or if you continue to see erratic behavior. If you could clarify the second question at that time, I can see what the system will support. Either way, you can update this incident via eService or give us a call.

John Larson
Ex Libris

7/18/2008 This worked–incident closed.

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