Controlling highlighted search terms found in records

Incident code 16384-41283 reported 7/11/2008
At first, we were happy to see all the search term highlighting back in the new Voyager 7.0 interface. But closer inspection of its behavior is puzzling us. From the searchBasic page, a search on TKEY for “decis” (omit quotes) returns 56 records. But entering “decid” results in zero hits. What is the difference? Only when we put a ? after “decid?” are we able to get the truncated words (and they aren’t highlighted). What is the difference?? We are finding this to be the case using the keyword with and and relevance search as well on the basic search page. Thanks. Toni
7/24/2008 Hi Toni,

We have determined that your incident is caused by a confirmed software bug. The bug/Issue number is 16384-2515. This Issue/bug appears in the eService Knowledge Base as a Known Issue. This Incident, 16384-41283, is in your Support Incidents with a status of “Development”.

If you have any questions regarding this incident or ever want a status update regarding this bug, please visit the eService at, retrieve the Support Incident and click on Add New Activity. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

John Larson
Customer Support Analyst
Ex Libris Group Customer Support:
877 445 5693

7/15/2008 OPAC team turned off all highlighting until this can be fixed

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