Any way to number titles returned in a list after a search?

Incident code 16384-45629 reported 7/30/2008
We are implementing Voyager 7.0.1 OPAC and have opted to display 50 records per page.
We would like to number the records in the title lists returned (maybe near the format icon that is displaying). Is there a documented way to add numbering to the records returned in title lists?
8/14/2008 Hi Toni,
Myself and other support members have looked at this, and we can’t find a way to add numbers to the search results. If you’d like, I can send this incident over to product management as an enhancement request.
8/19/2008 We consider this problem to be loss of functionality from the previous version. It’s confusing for users to see that they are viewing record 21 of 363, for example, in a results set, but not to have any viewable numbers assigned to the individual records in the list of records retrieved. Thanks. Toni
8/21/2008 I’ll take a look into this and get back to you. If it’s intended functionality, I’ll send it as an enhancement request.
8/29/2008 Hi Toni,
I wanted to let you know that I’m checking with our Business Analysts on this.

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3 Responses to Any way to number titles returned in a list after a search?

  1. Toni Nolen says:

    Ex Libris provided a fix to test for this problem. I have added this line to the results.facets.xls file:
    and the records are now numbered in index lists. See this in Please comment if you think this solves the issue for us.

  2. Toni Nolen says:

    We thought that the prescribed fix for our incident 16384-45629 was working well to insert numbers in search results, however, we are noticing that, with the call number browse search, there is no numbering displaying in those search results but the text “NaN” instead. This is occurring only with the call number browse results lists. This is happening in both our test and production Tomcat interface catalogs. I have opened a new incident wih Ex Libris: 16384-67852

  3. Toni Nolen says:

    My List (formerly Bookbag) suffers from the NaN problem as well. [Submitted by Karen Leeseberg, November 12 17:47]

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