Any way to get to “My List” & “My Searches” from “My Account” page?

Incident code 16384-47280 reported 8/7/2008
We succeeded in changing the header tabs by removing My List and My Searches tabs in order to put ones we wanted. Now, we’re wondering why the user cannot link to “My List” or “My Searches” when they log into “My Account”. If we don’t want those options in our header or footer, is there a way to provide them in “My Account”?
8/8/2008 Hi Toni,

Adding those links to the “Personal Info” page would require some fairly advanced customization, and the degree to which I can help is limited. Basically, the system was designed to provide the links to those pages through the header, so moving them to a different page would require reworking the XSL that builds the relevant page. The file that builds the “View Personal Information” and “Edit Preferences” buttons is in …/[skin]/xsl/pageFacets/myAccountLinks.xsl and the template in that file is “buildMyAccountLinks”. Looking at that template, you’ll see that it calls on page XML for the URLs to personal info and preferences, as well as labels for those buttons. That info is being passed differently for those options than for the “My Searches” and “My List” buttons, since the system was designed to display them on different portions of the page.

If you have the local expertise to make the changes to this file and page, then feel free to do so. However, I would strongly suggest that you try the changes in sandbox or another test skin, and that you test the changes thoroughly before deploying them. If you run into any issues making this change, we’ll advise you to revert to the vanilla versions of the customized files, as we can’t support this degree of advanced customization.

I’ll set this incident to closing so you’ll have some time to review this answer before the system closes the incident. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to update this incident via eService or give us a call and ask for me. I’m happy to talk about this issue, but I can’t really give you specific code that will create these buttons.

John Larson
8/18/2008 We settled with providing the link to “My List” in the footer for now. Will likely put “My Searches” link in footer tab as well. Toni

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