Subject Heading Types no longer labeled in Subject Headings browse lists

Incident code 16384-47279 reported 8/7/2008
We have many types of subject headings in our catalog, but now a browse list of subject headings provides no indication as to which are LC, LC Juvenile, MeSH, etc. How can we get the subject heading labels back in the headings browse lists?
8/15/2008 There’s not currently a way to enable the display of subject heading types in the new interface. I’ll be sending this off to Development department; there’s not currently an option or a workaround to enable that display. If you have any questions about this behavior or this incident, feel free to update this incident via eService or give us a call and ask for me. John Larson
8/19/2008 Yes, please route to Development. We consider this to be loss of functionality from the previous version. Since we have lost the display of the subject heading type labels, we would like to change our subject heading browse search to browse and display only Library of Congress Subject Headings. This browse search is available in the Cataloging module with headings filters. How could we define an LC Subject Heading browse search for our OPAC?
8/22/2008 Unfortunately, there’s not a way to set up an LCSH-only browse search. You can use the 6500 search, but browse doesn’t work with that search type. You can use it as a find search, however.

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