Setting date range on advanced search page

We notice that, when the user enters date range limits in the “from” and “to” boxes on the advanced search page, the radio button for the date range search is not automatically selected. Shouldn’t the radio button automatically be selected when the user enters data in the date range limit search boxes?
Opened Incident #:16384-171001 with Ex Libris 3/10/2010

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Printing locations and call numbers

Locations and call numbers don’t always display in printed lists (when list is generated by selecting checkboxes). Sample search (subject search): Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616– psychology. [Submitted by Lynn Murray February 23, 2010 12:23 P.M. CST]

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Display MARC 544 in catalog?

Can we make the MARC 544 field display in the catalog? It should display in the “Notes” section, and it has the following valid subfields: abcden3. Examples of records that use this field:
Mary Nell Clampitt papers
Harriet Stovall Kelley collection on women poets
[Submitted by Sarah Haight 10/21/2009 13:25]

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For “Notify me” requests

2 items regarding “Notify me” requests:
1. Can we add verbiage to the Patron requests” screen that tells patrons when to use each service, and;
2. Can we ask patrons specifically to include their email addresses in the notes field? According to Janet, few users are supplying this information. [Submitted by Sarah Haight 9-22-09 14:16]

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Local call number browsing/searching problem

I’m wondering if something can be done to solve the indexing problem inherent in the use of local call numbers, such as those used for compact discs in the Hamon AV department.

Currently, the sequence is: CD 1, CD 10, 100, 1000, 101, 1001…1999, 2, 20, 200, etc.

Since I have today reached 5-digits (CD 10000), sequential numbers will be exponentially even further apart than they already are. [Posted by Toni Nolen on behalf of Michelle Hahn — issue was originally reported via OIT Help System 5/28/2009]

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Conference name keyword search

I am unable to perform any kind of successful search in the “Conference name keyword” search in the catalog. Can I find out what MARC fields this is supposed to be searching so we can try to fix it? [Submitted by Sarah Haight 09-03-09 12:19]

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Word “and” causes problem in advanced keyword search

This is a “pre-existing condition,” held over from PONI, but with a new flavor. When “and” (or any other stop word?) is included in an advanced keyword search, the user gets zero results and the search defaults to current materials/last five years. [Submitted by Lynn Murray 08-05-2009 16:16]

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Author search redirect

Lynn reported strangeness with the functionality of the author tab. If you search for “practicing law institute,” Voyager presents a browse listing of authors and you are presented with the see reference for “practising law institute.” If you follow the link and then click Edit Search, “practising law” appears in the Last Name field, and “institute.” appears in the First Name field. Additionally, further searching after this is conducted as an author keyword search instead of a browse listing. [Submitted by Sarah Haight 08-10-2009 11:36]

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Display in title lists for items with multiple holdings records

Can we edit the title list so that for items with multiple holdings records, the holdings/status statement says, “Multiple locations. Click title for details.”? (for example, see Arie per mezzosoprano : CD con basi orchestrali e versioni interpretate = Arias for mezzo-soprano : CD with instrumental and vocal versions / Rossini ; riduzione canto-piano.) [Submitted by Sarah Haight 08-10-2009 11:43]

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Subject search instead of subject browse occurs when subject link in record is used

Team members noted that when they are in the record for an item, and click on the subject heading, they are taken to a search executed on that term, not to a subject browse. This limits access to additional materials on the topic, and team members agreed that those who work at public service desks need the ability to browse subjects from an individual record. [Submitted by Sarah Haight 08-10-2009 11:36]

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