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CUL Digital Collections Update: October 2014

In October 2014, SMU’s Central University Libraries (CUL) uploaded 1,019 items into CUL Digital Collections. CUL now has approximately 40,853 published items. Highlights include: 136 shop drawings from the Potter Art Iron Studio Collection, including Box 03 and Box 04.

Newgulf: From Sulfur Boomtown to Texas Ghost Town

Now online are 49 photographic prints of Texas Gulf Sulphur Company interests (ca. 1939) in the company town of Newgulf, Texas. The images of the Texas Gulf Sulphur Company (later known as Texasgulf Inc.) are part of a TexTreasures 2014

The Texas Zephyr: A Bygone Era in Luxury Train Travel

In the 1930s, in an effort to combat the declining number of passengers, several railroads adopted the lightweight, diesel-powered Streamliner passenger trains. Combining esthetic beauty with modern science, the Streamliners were more aerodynamic than previous trains, and able to reach