CUL Digital Collections: August 2011

SMU Central University Libraries and Bridwell Library added 716 items into our digital collections in August.

Below are some highlights from August:

Paint Colt, 1937, by Jerry Bywaters

Paint Colt, 1937, by Jerry Bywaters

- 61 items from the Photographs of Q.S.T.S. “Lusitania”

- 73 postcards from the Collection of cowboy postcards

- 105 stereographs from the Collection of Carleton E. Watkins western stereoscopic views

- 6 card photographs from D.B. Chase’s Views of Colorado, New Mexico and Mexico

- 9 works of art in the Texas Artists digital collection

- 242 items in the Lawrence T. Jones III Texas Photographs collection

- 119 student papers in the Southern Methodist University Student Newspapers collection

- 43 currency notes in the John N. Rowe III Collection of Texas Currency

- 8 items in the Civil War: Photographs, Manuscripts, and Imprints collection

- 35 fantasy self-portraits by Lynn Lennon

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