SMU Central University Libraries and Bridwell Library added 716 items into our digital collections in August.

Below are some highlights from August:

Paint Colt, 1937, by Jerry Bywaters

Paint Colt, 1937, by Jerry Bywaters

61 items from the Photographs of Q.S.T.S. “Lusitania”

73 postcards from the Collection of cowboy postcards

105 stereographs from the Collection of Carleton E. Watkins western stereoscopic views

6 card photographs from D.B. Chase’s Views of Colorado, New Mexico and Mexico

9 works of art in the Texas Artists digital collection

242 items in the Lawrence T. Jones III Texas Photographs collection

119 student papers in the Southern Methodist University Student Newspapers collection

43 currency notes in the John N. Rowe III Collection of Texas Currency

8 items in the Civil War: Photographs, Manuscripts, and Imprints collection

35 fantasy self-portraits by Lynn Lennon


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