Travel Initiative Begins Implementing Solutions

In order to help SMU realize the maximum amount of savings and efficiency possible in the travel booking process, the OE2C Travel Initiative has recommended that Christopherson Business Travel serve as the University’s new travel management company (TMC). The new travel software solution, Concur, requires integration with a TMC and the committee felt Christopherson was the best provider to issue airline tickets, book hotels and rental cars, and provide live assistance for travel booking and itinerary changes. The company has more than 60 years of experience in the travel business, has been recognized as a top corporate travel agency by Business Travel News and Travel Weekly and is one of 23 Concur Preferred Partners.
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If a list of affected employees and positions will not be posted or distributed, why did a friend of mine who lost his job receive a list of eliminated positions?

As part of its severance package, SMU is legally required to provide individuals 40 years of age and older with certain information about the reduction in force and reorganization, including the job titles and ages of those selected and not selected for the layoffs. The information SMU provides is not personally identifying, and recipients of the information are required to keep it strictly confidential.

When I have business within my own area or with another area of the University, how will I know whom to contact given the position eliminations?

In order to respect the privacy and dignity of our community members in affected positions throughout their transition, we will not be posting or sharing lists of names publicly. In the days that follow notifications in your area, your vice president or dean will be sharing a new organizational structure that will help clarify roles going forward, and if you have any additional questions, your dean or vice president will have the best information. Read more

If my position is eliminated and I choose to retire, will I still be eligible for the severance package?

If an employee’s position is eliminated, he or she will be eligible to receive the severance package, regardless of his or her eligibility for retirement. The decision to retire is separate and does not affect receipt of the standard outplacement compensation and benefits. If you are interested in retiring from SMU, more information can be found here:

Procurement Initiative To Measure Printing Needs

The OE2C Procurement Initiative is in the process of exploring how the University can save on printing costs, as a preliminary assessment indicates this is an area where we can achieve significant savings. In order to better understand the printing environment at SMU, the committee is interested in looking at the University’s aggregate printing data. This information will be gathered by PaperCut, a new application that will be installed beginning Wednesday, January 21, through the campus computer management system (LANDesk). Read more