Photos from SMU Art’s New York Colloquium


Every year, SMU Meadows encourages students to explore the arts outside of the traditional classroom environment.

During the New York Colloquium, students visit a range of museums, galleries, artists’ studios and other venues appropriate to the development of their critical and professional studies in art. Approximately 25 students participate each year, with at least half from the Division of Art, both graduate and undergraduate. The Colloquium forms the basis for contemporary art studies for our students, and provides exposure to the international art world as represented in New York.

In honor of the 2017 event, Photography Major Chris Coyne, a participant in the 2016 Colloquium, sends us a photo dispatch.

The New York Colloquium: Everything You Need to Know

  • Class historically meets during the first two weeks (14 days) in January in New York City
  • This class is centered on intensive analysis, discussion, and writing concerning works of art in museum collections, gallery exhibitions, and alternative exhibition spaces. The class topics studied will deal with the philosophical as well as the practical in order to define and better understand the nature of the art that our society produces and values

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