Creative Computation students on a walking tour in Japan

C3-in-Japan is a four-week summer abroad program run by the Center of Creative Computation that integrates data visualization, creative coding and interactive media with principles from complexity, chaos and emergence.

Creative Computation student Emely Villeda-Principe (’17) sends a photo dispatch from the current trip. 



A look at Tokyo tower


Ira Greenberg (center), Director of the Center of Creative Computation, with his study abroad group


The Tokyo Skytree

Update 7/1: Student Aurora Havens, B.S. Computer Science ’17, sends along five more exciting photos. 







This Creative Computation program will be based in Tokyo, Japan and includes ten (10) site visits to NEC innovations Center, Miraikan, Ghibli Museum and Inokashira Park (nearby Ghibli), Akihabara area – Electric City, Yotsuya walking tour including guide, Imperial Palace, Traditional Tea ceremony, Harajuku area, Meiji Shrine and Inner Garden.

More About Creative Computation in Japan

The student’s individual experience abroad will serve as a living, dynamic data set, inspired by motifs such as the Japanese coastline, mountains, cityscapes, transportation systems, demographics, iconography, weather, etc. By combining recorded data (photography, video, audio, etc.), computer generated imagery, and algorithmic processes, students will develop a portfolio of interactive computational studies.