Photos We Love: The 2015 SMU Meadows Homecoming

homecoming2015lead All photos by Kim Leeson

On the last weekend of September 2015, there were several milestones at SMU. The Centennial, 100 years since the birth of SMU, and the announcement that the SMU Board of Trustees raised one billion dollars. Then there was the 25th anniversary of the Hamon Arts Library, which celebrated by hosting a magnificent, succinct exhibit on Fashion Design Sketches by the eponymous donor. Amidst the celebration, SMU and Meadows School of the Arts celebrated Homecoming. The Meadows family came together to came together to watch the parade, enjoy music and dance, see old friends, and visit with the community. […]

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Watch: Reflections on the Hamon Arts Library

An installation underway at the Hamon Arts Library: Fashion Design Sketches by Nancy B. Hamon An installation underway at the Hamon Arts Library: Fashion Design Sketches by Nancy B. Hamon

The Jake and Nancy Hamon Arts Library is a four-story building located in the Owen Arts Center of the Meadows School of the Arts. A branch of the Central University Libraries, Hamon serves students and faculty in the areas of visual art, art history, cinema, communications, dance, music and theatre. This fall, the library celebrates its 25th anniversary. […]

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Watch: The Incredible Sci-Fi Story “Beware the Dandelions” from Meadows Prize Winner Complex Movements

Complex Movements (Photo by Kim Leeson) Complex Movements (Photo by Kim Leeson)

This winter, 2015 Meadows Prize winner Complex Movements brings its multimedia performance art pod to the Tower Building in Fair Park for a month-long engagement.

Part musical performance, part visual art installation and part community organizing tool, Beware of the Dandelions tells a sci-fi story of building a movement from the grassroots up and is performed for groups of 35 people at a time inside the pod, a 400-square-foot polyhedron that serves as an immersive performance art space. Before the live show, here’s a look at the Movements’ incredible and moving past performance. […]

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Your Fall 2015 Art History Alumni News

Meadows art history M.A. student Sarah Foltz Meadows art history M.A. student Sarah Foltz



Virginia Curry, currently a doctoral student at the University of Texas at Dallas, gave a paper at the “Art and Law, Art in Peril” conference at Cambridge University on June 23rd. In October she will present “Museum Collections and Teaching with Objects” at the UNESCO ICOM Council on Collecting annual conference in October in Seoul. […]

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