Stressing About Class Registration?

Worry no more! Your Peer Academic Leader Emily is hosting a workshop Wednesday 11/5 to walk you through the process.

Registration Workshop Flyer_Page_1

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UC Savior – featuring: Dr. Vicki Hill

Racing to save the day – more like racing to save us from a fifth year – Dr. Vicki Hill elaborately explained the University Curriculum and its recent changes to a great turnout of first, second and third year students.

When the UC was initially put into place, it put the students it affected in to a frantic craze and scare in regards to finishing within the planned four year period. With more pillars and requirements than I could count on two hands, most students – especially engineers – feared they would not be able to finish on time.


Dr. Hill clearly explained how the first year or two of a new curriculum will always face its challenges and be opened to various changes, as the University has accommodated to.  Dr. Hill elaborately explained the changes made and just how plausible graduating in four years truly is, thus, saving the day here at Marry Peyttles!

Thanks Dr. Hill!




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Outdoor Movie Night has Arrived!

Hey Mary Peyttles Family!

Outdoor Movie Night 2014: Nightmare on Peyton Parkway, is coming up next Tuesday, the 28th of October!

Come experience the classic theatre feel by hanging out with your fellow residents on the lawn outside of Shuttles. The only thing we ask of you is to bring some sheets and pillows and a friend to enjoy a classic Halloween film.

You have the opportunity to pick the film yourself. Just click on the link and find out which movies to pick from, or write in your own selection!

We at MH/P/S always believe in giving back. Since the winter season is coming up, we will be taking donations before and after the movie to help support the North Texas Food Bank.

Hope to see everyone there!



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Nightmare on Peyton Parkway

Hello Mary Hay/Peyton/Shuttles people! It is the month of tricks and treats, and we will be celebrating with an outdoor movie event…Nightmare on Peyton Parkway! We will be watching a scary movie that will be decided by popular demand on Tuesday, October 28! Bring your pillows and blankets to sit out on the lawn in front of Shuttles. There will also be goody bags provided if you donate to charity! More details to come….

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Mustangs host the Bearcats!

Get ready for this Saturday guys! Our Mustangs are getting ready to host the Cincinnati Bearcats this weekend and it would be awesome for us to pack Ford Stadium and cheer on our team! We hope everyone has a great time at the Boulevard before the game begins, and then the same excitement is carried over to the stadium as we watch our Mustangs beat the visiting Bearcats.


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It’s Thirsty Thursday

Dear Residents,

Make sure your weekend plans include being safe while having fun.

Alcohol FlyerBeing safe means abiding by Texas State law. If you are over 21, please make sure you are practicing safe drinking habits. Safety is key!

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UC Kids: No Need to Fear– Dr. Hill is Here!

To the lovely MHPS sophomores and juniors:
Does thinking about your schedule for next semester make you want pull your hair out?
Do you feel faint at the mention of pillars and capstones?
Do your eyes cross when you try to balance your majors, minors, and the university curriculum?
Stressed Student

There’s no need to fear!

Dr. Vicki Hill will be hosting a “Understanding the UC” roundtable exclusively for our commons. You’ll learn the newest updates to the curriculum while you sip and munch on coffee and donuts. Make sure and stop by Mary Hay 1st floor lounge on October 21st at 6:30.

You don’t want miss this informative event!

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SMU Connections

Students looking for opportunities to meet people in their prospective job fields should look in the SMU Connections program put on with the Hegi Career Center. This program connects students with alumni all over the world who have reached out to SMU in efforts to help their up and coming mustangs reach the career goals they have set. Click here for more information!SMU Connect

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Sign Up Today!


Here is the link:

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Hang in there!


It’s that time of the semester….midterms. We are all feeling the pressure. Less time to hang out with friends, less time to sleep, and more time worrying about classes. Try to hang in there! Fall Break is just around the corner. Try to get ahead this weekend: get some sleep and get some of your studying done to help lower your stress for next week. If you are having trouble balancing study time, find a friend or accountability partner to help you out. Don’t stress yourself out by procrastinating. One week of hard work and you’re free! Hang in there, you can do it!

P.S. Come get free Cane’s tomorrow night and decorate a door stop!


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