Ranger’s Game!

Last chance to sign up! MHPS is taking residents to go see a Ranger’s game for FREE!

The seats are in a great spot where you get ALL YOU CAN EAT!!

There are only a few more spots, so sign up quickly!!


Follow the Link below to RSVP!



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Events on Events!

Hey rezzies! Check out two very important reminders below:

1. COMMONS COOKOUT IS THIS WEDNESDAY! Today is the LAST day to sign up! There will be some awesome giveaway prizes in addition to yummy BBQ so RSVP NOW using the link below:

( http://www.evite.com/event/0113FVESOIPUCUUZSEPE2DHU3WW6ZI?gid=0174TMWDSIY6BQ5KKEPE2DOHHNXXR4)

North-Quad Cookout-ID

2. RSVP to agarner@smu.edu to visit the Perot Museum for free! There are only 9 tickets left!


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Why We’re the Best

As many of you may know, housing sign-ups for next year have already started, and one obvious conclusion has already been made: MHPS is by far the best Residential Commons.  How can I so easily draw this conclusion you might ask? We’ll it’s simple. My conclusion comes solely from demand and return. MHPS occupation has the highest demand out of all the RC’s. This upcoming year, only four spots have opened up for RC transfer students. What does that tell you? That tells you that a vast majority of our Commons is returning next year. Why would the return? Because we’re the best, so why would you want to leave? Thank you MHPS residents for making our RC the best. And for all you non-MHPS residents trying to get in, I would try to get in too. Good luck!

And remember friends: Tria Ut Unum. #ponyup




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What We Can Learn from March Madness

It was at this point last week that most residents experienced a roller coast ride of emotions. From anxiousness, to excitement, to anguish, and then frustration. Yes, our beloved basketball team was robbed of a chance to enter the Sweet Sixteen and continue their pursuit of a coveted national championship. I still can’t believe referees have the audacity to call goal tending on an airball.

Obviously not a goal tend. Yanick Moreira caught an airball.

Yanick Moreira took it the hardest. Hours after the game, Yanick posted tweets apologizing for his “goaltend” to the SMU community, and to his fellow teammates. Students were frustrated with the refs, Yanick, and his other teammates for turning over the ball a play before the “game winning” play by UCLA. An onslaught of rule checking and rewinding of replays ensued for the next few days.

However, it’s March Madness for a reason. This is the time of buzzer beaters, Cinderella Stories, and crazy upsets. Although SMU took a punch to the gut, the goaltending play added to the Madness, and now UCLA is playing in the Sweet Sixteen.

Although we may still be bitter about the game, the word’s from Yanick himself add comfort and insight.

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 3.17.24 PM

Let’s all take Yanick’s words to heart. Our Mustangs had a GREAT season. Let’s not allow the UCLA game to take that away.

#PonyUp #ConferenceChamps #ConferencePlayersOfTheYear #FirstTimeMakingTheTourneyInAWhile

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Roommate Mixer



Your roommate and living conditions can make or break your year! You already live in the best RC on campus! So it’s up to you to take care of the roommate part! If you don’t have one for next year already, come on out tomorrow at 6 pm in the Mary Hay lounge and meet other eligible roommates like yourself! There’s a perfect roommate for everyone! So come on out and meet some great people from your community, and maybe you’ll find that special someone…to live with of course!


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Basketball Tournaments and THE Tournament

As we come up on Spring Break, everyone should take a look at our SMU Basketball teams!

The American Athletic Conference’s Women’s tournament starts this Friday and continues through the beginning of spring break.

The men then play one more home game Sunday at 2:00pm. If they win, they will end their season 23-6 and at the top of our conference. The men’s American Athletic Conference tournament starts on March 12th. If the men win the AAC tournament, we get a guaranteed spot in the NCAA tournament which starts the following week. If the men don’t win the AAC, there is still a good chance we will get placed in the NCAA Tournament since we are currently ranked #22!

Whether you’re on the beach, in the mountains, or just sitting at home, be sure to Pony Up and support our Mustangs over spring break!

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The Recipe to A Great RA

Congratulations to our newest RAs, Nive and Caleb! Welcome to the MHPS family! Attached is recipe that might help with your new position:

4 cups of patience
1.5 teaspoons of selflessness
1.75 tablespoons of a good attitude
2 cups avid communication … yes, that includes responding to emails in a timely fashion
1.5 cups of a good set of ethical standards
5 teaspoons of creating all situations equal
3 tablespoons of bulletin board skills
1.5 cups of leadership
and a pinch of silver and green

Mix it all together, and you will be a great RA!
Good luck :)

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Think you can make a difference?

Does the above question apply to you? Do you love Mary Peyttles? Then apply to be a peer leader!

You may be asking yourself what a peer leader even is, well they’re a lot of different things actually. However they all share one common goal, making MHPS a better place.

Not entirely convinced yet? Then check out this link: www.smu.edu/ResidentialCommons/StudentLeadership/PeerLeaders


Need a more visual representation? Look no further than this video featuring some of your favorite people on campus! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ligp8D96MBk

Come on, you know you want to.

Applications are due Feb 25th!


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A limited number of MHPS residents will have the opportunity to see the Mavericks play the Grizzlies. Transportation, food, a game ticket, and a t-shirt will be FREE. Use the QR code on the flyer OR the link below to sign up.



 Mavs flyer

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Dive “Under the RC” with Mary Peyttles for our 3rd RC Dinner!

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 3.44.27 PM

Don’t be afraid to get your feet wet us as we celebrate the 3rd (wow!) RC Dinner in Mary Peyttles history! There’ll be food, music, and a photo booth (these photos are a fun way to decorate your room!) so come out and have a good time! The Dinner will take place on Wednesday, February the 25th, at 6:00 pm at the SMU Faculty Dining Club in Umphrey Lee!  

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