MLK Day of Service–Sign Up today!

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mlkday of service

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AWESOME Opportunity! Please Apply!

Dining With Decision Makers is an excellent opportunity for students to meet with the SMU trustee board and discuss university issues and experiences.

Check out the application website for more details:

“Dining with Decision Makers is an annual event that provides students with the opportunity to share their experiences with members of the SMU Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees is the University’s highest governing body. The Board meets four times per year, with an evening reception and dinner that accompanies each meeting. Dining with Decision Makers takes place at the dinner corresponding to the February Board meeting. DWDM will take place on THURSDAY, February 25, 2016.

Students who are selected as dinner participants will have the privilege of attending the formal Board dinner. At the dinner, students will have the opportunity to discuss university issues and experiences with the Trustees and university administrators. Generally, students that represent a large range of campus perspectives, are engaged in university life and can demonstrate an awareness of a broad range of student issues are selected to attend. While the application process for becoming a student participant is highly competitive due to space limitations, all members of the SMU student body, including both undergraduate and graduate students, are encouraged to apply.

Students who have been on Conduct Probation or higher will not be considered. There is an interview process; you will be notified of the status of your application and asked to sign up for a brief in-person interview which will take place sometime during the first week of classes in January 2016. A mandatory meeting for all participants will then be held on Tuesday, Feb 16, 2016 at 6:00 PM for those students who are selected to participate. Please ensure that this date is free on your calendar prior to submitting your application.”

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“No” is a Holy Word

That’s right. “No” is holy word, when used appropriately, of course. One of those appropriate uses involves saying “no” to activities/invitations that do not align with your goals.

Getting our life in a healthy, purposeful rhythm involves aligning our daily activities with life goals. At our MHPS Stress Management session a couple of weeks ago, Dr. Stigler had us do the following

  1. Take a blank sheet of paper and draw lines to divide it into 4 rows and 3 columns, with room to title each row and column, as well as a good amount of space to write.
  2. The bottom three rows should be titled Self, Community, and Career. The second and third columns should be titled Daily Activities and Goals. Your paper should look like this (with plenty of space to write):
Daily Activities Goals
  1. Then list out all of your daily activities for each category.
    1. Self – your personal activities. Things you do for personal development or fun. Perhaps a sport, music lessons, spirituality (like reading Scripture or meditating). And be honest here; video games and Facebook are activities too.
    2. Community – community activities, things you do to build the community around you. Extracurricular activities you do with your residence hall, your church, your campus organization, and your friends and family (these last two could also go under Self).
    3. Career – things you do involving your job/vocation. This includes being a full-time student and studying, as well as any additional job(s) you hold.
  2. Next write down your life goals for each categories. These don’t necessarily have to be extravagant. Just clear. Learn to play the piano, know my religious Scriptures well, have a strong prayer life, have a family. Be actively involved in community service, be part of a Bible Study. Get into grad school, be a doctor, be an opera singer.
  3. Now look at your daily activities and see if they are aligning with your goals in that category. Do any of your goals disconnected from your activities? Obviously, if having a family is a longer term goal, your daily activities may not exactly line up (unless you include Self and Career activities as preparing you for that goal). But make sure that goals that are most important to you are being pursued. Whatever activities do not align with those goals, you can scrap. Use that time to engage in meaningful activities.

Say “No” to things that do not align with your goals. Being actively involved in 5 campus organizations may be tempting for a good looking résumé, but most likely you will perform mediocre or poorly in them, or even in other important things like studies and meaningful relationships.

A good indicator of whether or not an activity(ies) need to go is to assess your overall feeling throughout the week. Do I feel mostly stressed/overwhelmed? I’m probably doing too much of something (and/or perhaps not enough of something else, like sleep!). Do I feel lonely, disconnected? Then I probably need to invest more time in meaningful – this word is key – relationships. I am feeling satisfied, fulfilled, and purposeful? Then likely you have many of your activities and goals aligned.

Come by Peyton Lounge on Tuesdays 3p-5p, or email me (see below) to discuss this further, talk about dream interpretation, or anything else that might be on your mind. God bless.

Matt Esquivel
Resident Community Chaplain
Office Hours: Tuesdays 3p-5p in Peyton Lounge

Feel free to email Matt directly for questions or comments on the post, or to simply connect, schedule a meeting, or request prayer.

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MHPS Wants to Hear from YOU!


Take the survey today!

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Getting Your Life in Rhythm

We have spent quite some time on dream interpretation, so I’d like to shift the topic of these blogs. Last Monday night, Professor Brandy Stigler shared with a number of MHPS students on how to minimize stress by properly aligning our lives. This blog will include some key points she shared.

Weekly Rhythm: 6 days of work, 1 day of rest/recreation. Judaism holds Saturday as a Sabbath. Christians often regard Sunday as a day of rest and worship. A day in Judaism begins at sundown, and ends at sundown the following day. So the Sabbath for Jews is Friday evening until Saturday evening. I have found this a helpful practice. If you are neither Christian nor Jewish, pick any day in the week to rest.

Engage in restful, fun activities. For me, this involves spending time in worship, prayer, meditation, as well as reading or doing a low-energy activity with close family or friends. I seek to avoid homework/studying, chores, and activities (and friends/family) that drain my energy. Organize your week to get your work done in six days so you can rest during one. Some of you may prefer to spend your Sabbath.

Yearly Rhythm: 11 months of work, 1 month of rest. Winter break is on the rise. Work hard these next few weeks, then take appropriate time to catch up on rest and recreation over the winter break. Be with your family. Connect with God. (I’ll be some taking time off in California!).

Daily Rhythm: 8 hours of work, 8 hours of sleep, 4 hours of engagement, 4 hours of disengagement. Professor Stigler mentioned that this can be the most challenging, but called us to work our way towards this. Our classes and work schedule may be split up some of these (hopefully not sleep!). For disengagement, do what energizes you. For me, an introvert, this means meditate/pray, read a favorite book, or sit outside on a bench. This is ME time. When you schedule courses for next semester, try not to schedule classes back to back. This helps retain the information we receive in each class.

The last is most difficult for me, I must say, but please join me on this journey to emotional, mental, and spiritual health. (I must also say, having your life in rhythm will help you have more dreams and remember them better.) Next week, we will review what Professor Stigler said about aligning our activities with life goals/dreams.

Come by Peyton Lounge on Tuesdays 3p-5p, or email me (see below) to discuss this further, talk about dream interpretation, or anything else that might be on your mind. God bless.

Matt Esquivel

Resident Community Chaplain
Office Hours: Tuesdays 3p-5p in Peyton Lounge
Feel free to email Matt directly for questions or comments on the post, or to simply connect, schedule a meeting, or request prayer.

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Volunteer Leadership Opportunities

See below for leadership opportunities from the Community Engagement and Leadership office:

“Advocates for the best interests of abused and neglected children in protective care, to help them find safe, permanent homes.”

“Diaper Drive”- check with contact listed for sizes
Baby wipes.
Winter scarves, gloves, and socks (various sizes, boys and girls)

Contact: Sharon Balaban,

Uplift Schools
“Uplift’s mission is to create and sustain public schools of excellence that empower students to reach their highest potential and inspire a lifelong love of learning, achievement, service, and responsible citizenship.”

Gloves, hats, scarves, and coats, for kids from Pre-K – High school for winter wear.
Reading Partner -once a week with a scholar to help improve literacy skills.

Contact: Cassie Hubbert, and 469-398-0084

Goodwill Industries of Dallas, Inc.
“Our Mission is to provide job training and employment to persons with disabilities and disadvantages to help transform their lives through the power of jobs.”


“Goodwill Recycles” at the Dallas Marathon – Help organize flights of runners and collecting runners’ warm up clothes for the Marathon

Time/Date: Sunday December 13th, 7 AM – 10 AM

Location: Downtown Dallas – Marathon starting line (specific location TBA)

Contact: Pearce Edwards, Volunteer Coordinator 214.638.2800 x246 or

Nexus Recovery Center
“A link to sobriety, dignity and independence since 1971”

Gently used women and children’s coats and jackets (clothing drive)
Put together gift bags, set up “Santa” room for kids to shop.

Contact: Beth Hunter,

Hope Cottage
“Hope Cottage nurtures and builds families through education, counseling and adoption services.”

Maternity shirts and pants – of all sizes.
New, unused journals

Contact: Leslie Clay,

Achievement Center of Texas
“Special needs… our specialty.”

Art Supplies: Construction paper in multi colors, Washable non-toxic markers, Washable paints (all colors), Paint brushes (assorted sizes), Papier-mache, Glitter (all colors), Foam board (all colors) and Table top easels

Snacks: Veggie chips, Large cans of Nacho Cheese, Large cans of Fruit (all kinds), Nacho chips, Juice boxes, Pretzels, Cheese puffs, Gold Fish, Assorted boxes of chips individually wrapped, Large cans of apple sauce, Large cans of pudding (vanilla and chocolate), Cookies assorted kinds, Large cans of juice, Large cans of powdered drink mixes (lemonade, orange, etc.)

Life Skills Supplies: Laundry soap, Cleaning supplies (Windex, spray disinfectant cleaner), Paper towels, Baby wipes, Chucks, Disinfectant spray, Air fresheners, Puzzles (hard and easy), Used magazines for cutting up

Music: Karaoke Machines, Karaoke cds, Musical instruments: bells, rhythm sticks, maracas, Xylophone, Radios with cd players (8), Children’s cds (Steve and Greg, Raffe, Jenkins, etc.), Music, Exercise dvds (adult and children) and Parachutes (large & small)

Academic: Easy math books, Easy math games, Uno cards, Writing books, Spelling books

Contact: Marilynne Serie, Executive Director, 972 414-7700,

America Scores
“America SCORES’ mission is to inspire youth to lead healthy lives, succeed academically, and have the confidence and character to make a difference in the world. 97% of the children we serve live at or below the federal poverty level.”

Soccer socks and shin guards for children – Ages are 8 – 11, boys and girls.

Contact: Debbie Mormon,

North Texas Food Bank
“Your donation this season will benefit one of the 500 families we serve.”

Items needed for holiday canned food drive
Holiday Items: Boxed stuffing, gravy, cream soups, canned yams, canned green beans
Daily Items: Canned tuna, spinach, corn, chicken and assorted soups

Contact: Sara Gorath,

SPARK! Dallas
“Our Mission: to ignite the spark of creativity inherent in all children”

Paint brushes, rulers, pencil, markers, paint and general art supplies and leftover craft supplies (i.e. buttons, pins, marbles, glitter)
Volunteer on December 5th during our Christmas event. Please fill out form here:

Contact: Mollie Jamison, OR 214-421-7727

Citizens Development Center
“For nearly 65 years, Citizens Development Center has strived to assist individuals with disabilities achieve their optimum level of employment and independence.”

Hygiene items such as toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo or things such as comb, notepads, etc.
Volunteers to help serve at our clients’ holiday party on Friday, December 11th from 1:00 to 3:00.
Volunteer groups can play bingo or do an art project with our clients – dates and times are open

Diane Jones, OR 214-637-2911, ext. 1110

Voice of Hope Ministries
“Voice of Hope Ministries exists to provide children living in the neighborhoods of West Dallas with strong character models, education support, life skills, and family support services needed to become productive Christian citizens.”

Can Food Items & Non Perishable Items or Turkey and Gift certificates.
November 21st ~ Volunteers needed for Thanksgiving Fellowship 10:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. Serve Food, Serve our Guest, Assist with Distribution of Turkey Baskets, etc.
December 12th ~ 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. ~ assist with Boxes of Blessings (Food Boxes), Distribution, Sorting of Boxes, Delivery of Boxes in immediate neighborhood

(Volunteers will contact about filling out volunteer application)

Contact: Sharmeene A. Hayes, OR (214) 631-7027 ext. 163

Brother Bill’s Helping Hand
“As a Christian nonprofit, that hope comes in the form of Education, Health, and Essentials of Life programs. Partnering caring volunteers with neighbors in need brings nourishment of the mind, body, and soul to all involved.”

(Brand new) Variety of baby toys for Boys and Girls ages 0-2
4-piece packets of crayons for Boys and Girls ages 3-5
Assorted board games for Boys and Girls ages 6-8
Cash or check to buy gift cards to a local Grocery Store for our neighbors
Help wrap donated gifts any weekday morning (from 10am – 12pm) or afternoon (from 1:30 – 3:30pm) in December.
Help in our Grocery Store on 12/2, 12/3, 12/9, and 12/10 from 10am – 1pm
Volunteer at our family-friendly Children’s Christmas Celebration. It is a 60+ year tradition that will take place on Thursday, 12/24. Volunteers can sign up to help from either 9-11am or 11am-1pm. Jobs include: handing out gifts to 1,000 West Dallas kids, hosting a family throughout the event, singing Christmas carols, parking crew, etc.

Contact: Adair Neely, BBHH Assistant Director, to ask questions or sign up: / 214-638-2196

“Help fight the causes and effects of poverty through service, advocacy and friendship.”

Gift cards for families/children can be in $5, $10 or $20 increments and the following are suggestions: Target, Walmart, Tom Thumb/Kroger, Drug Stores, Restaurants, Gas cards, generic Visa gift cards. We are also in need of gently used holiday coats (dropped off to our location by November 16th) to distribute.
We need help in our food pantry, thrift store and community garden. Contact us to schedule a time to come and help!

Contact: Laureen Jenkins 214.823.8710, or Anna Harris 214-303-2111.

Reading Partners
“one tutor. one child. infinite possibilities.”

Children’s books (poster with guidelines/author suggestions attached)!!!
Reading Partners!

Contact: Jackie Walker,, 214-306-9313

AIDS Services of Dallas (ASD)
“AIDS Services of Dallas mission is to help many individuals and families living with HIV/AIDS go without proper food, shelter, and essential medical care every day due to a variety of factors including poverty, illness and stigma.”

Gift Wrapping Paper Drive & Essential Needs (Twin Comforters, Twin Sheet, Pillows, 3 Piece Bath Rug Sets, Towels, Dishes, Eating Utensils)
Assistance in wrapping at CityPlace Tower.

Contact: Constance Willis – 214-941-4411×501 email:

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Office Spotlight: Dedman Center

Remember to stay fit as we near the end of the semester (only 4 Mondays left!). Head to Dedman for an active study break or a trip to Starbucks.

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Dreams Part IV: Healing, Purging Dreams

God uses dreams to bring healing to our soul. Sometimes this involves purging. I.e., getting rid of junk in our lives. If in your dream, you are in a bathroom or shower, you are going through a purging or cleansing. In the bathroom, we release toxins/waste from our bodies; in a dream bathroom, we are releasing toxins/waste from our souls. Sometimes in the dream others are around, or perhaps you’re naked. Nakedness can mean vulnerability, exposure, shame, transparency.

Others being around would mean that you will go through this healing/purging while around people, or perhaps even with their help. Showers are a cleansing from negative things – whether our own actions/habits, shameful things done to us, or evil spirits/influences. Water also speaks of the Spirit of God. So the dream can mean God is going to cleanse and refresh you with his life-giving presence.

If you have a shower/bathroom dream, here’s my advice. Thank God for cleansing/purging your soul. Then submit yourself to His process. Trust me, it’s for your good. He is a good Father who knows how to take care of you. You can confidently tell him, “Father, I trust you. I submit to the healing, purging process you have for me.”

Remember to:

* Keep a journal and a pen by your bedside.
* Write the dream down as soon as possible.
* Title your dream.
* Note how you were feeling in the dream.
* Divide your dream into main scenes

Today is Popcorn Thursday at 9:15pm, so come to Peyton Lounge tonight for fresh popcorn and dream interpretation. You can also come by Peyton Lounge on Tuesdays 3p-5p, or email me (see below) to discuss your dreams, or anything else that might be on your mind. May God the Father bless you and draw you closer to His heart through your dreams at night.

Matt Esquivel

Resident Community Chaplain
Office Hours: Tuesdays 3p-5p in Peyton Lounge
Feel free to email Matt directly for questions or comments on the post, or to simply connect, schedule a meeting, or request prayer.

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RA Info Session TONIGHT!

RAInfoSession (1)

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Office Spotlight of the Week

Add drop date is THIS Friday! Make sure to stay on top of your grades by utilizing your resources. Hang in there MHPS!


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