Ebola Survival Guide

Since we here in MHPS are on top of everything happening around the world, 24/7, we are happy to provide you with the most up to date information on how to avoid the Ebola virus, which as of now has been identified within at least one patient in nearby Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas.

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Elevators: An Awkward Opportunity

If you live on the fourth, third, or second floor of your building, you’ve probably already had an awkward encounter in the elevator. Maybe you stepped into the elevator before letting the other person out or there was a weird smell invading your nostrils. I get it, we’ve all been there. But instead of resorting to your phone or turning to face the elevator wall, try giving them a smile. Ask them how they’re doing. Just maybe you’ll make a new friend.

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Taste of Diversity was a success!

Residents from the Mary Hay/Petyton/Shuttles Commons joined together to get a Taste of Diversity. Taste of Diversity is one of the biggest programs that the RA’s hold; residents get to try samples of food around the world while learning facts about different countries’ cultures!

photo (7)

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More Academic Support!


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Need A Little Study Advice?

Did you know we have a Peer Academic Leader? She is a student in our community who is here to help assist you with academic preparedness.

Emily Grabarkewitz lives in Shuttles and here are some of her  fun facts!

Emily1. She is a HUGE sports fan especially hockey/baseball/golf/tennis (she is the biggest fan of the Dallas Stars you will meet)

2. She loves traveling

3. She really enjoy cooking!

She will also host a study skills workshop TONIGHT in the Shuttles 2nd floor lounge at 7 pm. You should stop by!

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Two Truths and a Lie with your RCC

Meet Emily, our Residential Community Chaplain!

Emily - RCC

Her two truths and a lie are:

  • My dentist loves to show the hygenists that I have two backward teeth whenever I have a check-up.
  • It was my husband’s idea to hyphenate our last names.
  • I am allergic to cookies, but I think they’re fun to decorate.

Can you guess which one is false? Find out the answer tomorrow night and grab a cookie!
RCC Program

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Boulevarding with the Best and Taste of Diversity

Saturday brought about an (un)eventful game. Even in the sweltering heat, the residents of Mary Peyttles were able to have a blast and boulevard with the best. Although the game ended in a loss, the team played their hardest. Fans were also treated to a special block by the Aggies’ “12th man”.

Besides boulevarding, the residents of Mary Hay, Peyton, Shuttles have plenty to look forward to this week, namely the Taste of Diversity. Taste of Diversity will be a great opportunity for the residents to get to know one another as well as their Resident Assistants betters. Taste of Diversity’s goal is to expose the commons to a wide variety of cultural foods, music, and ethnic backgrounds in a way that residents can relate to.

When is Taste of Diversity? Good question! Taste of Diversity will be on Tuesday September 23rd, at 6pm in the Mary Hay first floor lounge. Residents are encouraged to get there early so that they can utilize the experience to its fullest potential.

image (3)

This is definitely something that shouldn’t be missed!

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The First Boulevard

And that concludes the first boulevard of the 2014 season! Successful for some, unsuccessful for others (hopefully more successful folks than unsuccessful folks), the first boulevard of the year seemed to be a great start to a great year! Possibly the only time that most of the campus participates in an single activity together, the boulevard is a great way to see friends who you might not see as often or friends who might now live on the opposite end of campus as you. Not only that, but packed with free food, tents with music and college students and alumni everywhere, the boulevard is a great way to meet new people and interact with most of the student body. It was great to see a bunch of the MHPS community out there and interacting with each other, as well as other commons! If you didn’t get a chance to participate today, hopefully you will in the future, because the boulevard is  a unique component that SMU is known for, and today we were reminded why!

And to top if off, not only do we get to boulevards next week, but we also get to beat TCU! #frythefrogs #Ponyup

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Commons “Cribs” Video Contest

37eb8a6a40eea65669cc5977442f94c3SMU Admissions along with The Assembly of Residential Housing seeks to view the best styled “cribs” in your Commons! If you have amazing wall decorations, an efficient furniture layout, or a spirited and personalized decorating style, we want to see it! As part of the Commons Cup, your amazing room can win points. The winning videos will be submitted to the Executive Board of The Assembly of Residential Housing and voted on. The top three videos will win points for their Commons. The students with the top video will also receive Early Registration for their Spring Classes! Additionally, the winning video from each community will be used by SMU Admissions in marketing for potential students to come to SMU and those students will receive blankets!

Video Guidelines:

Videos must be between 1:00 – 1:30 minutes.
Be as creative with the video as you would like! Make sure that the video is edited and in a finished quality. You can add music, as long as it is appropriate.
Minimal Student Organization affiliations can be shown in the videos. Considering this is used for SMU Admissions, we don’t want to favor any particular organization over another.
Make sure to include the whole room! It might be beneficial to also include some kind of daily life in the video (i.e., walking in, lounging at your desk or other furniture, restrooms (PG!), etc.)
You can incorporate life within your Commons as well.
How to participate:

Upload/Post your video to The Assembly Facebook Page
Vote by “liking” the best video in your Commons.
Spread the word out to get more votes!

Winning video from each Commons is sent to the final voting for Commons Cup Points.
Winning students for each winning video will receive a blanket from SMU Admissions.
Top Three Videos win points for their commons:
First Place: 25 Points

Second Place: 20 Points

Third Place: 15 Points

***Students with the Winning Video receive EARLY REGISTRATION for Spring Classes! ***

Videos Uploaded to The Assembly Facebook Page: September 26th.
Voting by “Liking” the video: September 26th – October 3rd.
Voting by The Assembly Executive Board: Friday, October 10th.
Winners Announced on The Assembly Facebook Page and the Commons Cup webpage!


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Very First MHPS Commons Dinner

MHPS Pin people table photobooth1 photobooth2 table


The very FIRST Mary Hay/ Peyton/ Shuttles Commons dinner was a booming success in Mack Ballroom, complete with a photo booth, official MHPS crest pins, and our traditional song “Tria Ut Unum.” A special thanks to everyone in attendance – especially Associate VP and Dean of Student Life Dr. Joanne Vogel, and VP of Student Affairs Lori White. We are SO looking forward to our next commons dinner!

*Be sure to check out the full album from last night and tag yourself in photos at https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.280419278813964.1073741831.233384410184118&type=1

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