Thoughts on the RC Dinner

So you may have been wondering how to dress for our upcoming RC dinner THIS Thursday, September, 17th! Let me put your doubts to rest good people. Here’s some solid advice, just dress like me, regardless of your gender, seriously you’ll make errrybody swoon. Jk, dress formally (ie Jacket and nice pants for guys, and whatever is fancy for you girls). Also make sure you actually DO come to the dinner, ya know, cuz I’ll be there. Aside from hanging out with me, you’ll have the opportunity to bond with the rest of your fellow residents from our lovely commons. Make sure you come out and be dressed properly!

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Floor Social and Remembering 9/11

On Monday September 8th, Third and Fourth Floor Mary Hay had their first floor meeting with their faculty affiliate Dr. Owen Lynch. Dr. Lynch is a Communications professor at the Meadows School of the Arts. The event was called “Floats with Faculty” in which both students, RA’s, and Dr. Lynch made their own combinations of ice cream floats. It was a nice surprise to see Benjamin, our RCD Krystal Jones’s son, hang out with the residents with his good ol’ Benjamin Charm. The residents also enjoyed hanging out with Krystal’s dog Cocoa, and Dr. Krout’s kittens, Peyton and Shuttles. The event was a success and quite delicious as well!


As today is 9/11, we as Mary Hay/Peyton/Shuttles Commons would like to recognize all the families who lost loved ones or were greatly affected by this tragic event. In honor of 9/11, Dr. Krout will be showcasing  the film “World Trade Center”, starring Nicolas Cage, in his FIR apartment.


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Family Dinner [RSVP TODAY]


RSVP Here:

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Week 1

Hey Everyone!

It has been wonderful getting to meet all the residents–returning and new–this first week of the 2014-2015 year. Our Mary Hay/Peyton/Shuttles staff is great! We all enjoy working with each other and hanging out with one another. I’ve also been able to spend some time with my residents over the Labor Day Weekend. Here’s a picture of our “field trip” to Deadman for some ping pong!


This was during our card game and midnight hang out on Friday night. We had a gallon of sweet tea, some EDM, and awesome people to make for a fun night. Mary Peyttles!


And last but not least, our wonderful Faculty in Residence in his robes for convocation. If you haven’t yet, stop by his apartment in Mary Hay and say hi to Dr. Krout. He just acquired two new kittens whose names are Peyton and Shuttles. They are super cuddly.


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Get Ready to Have Fun!

The RAs and our Commons Staff have been working hard to bring some fun events to MHPS! Get ready for some awesome events including the RC Olympics, the RC Dinner, a visit to Top Golf, and Taste of Diversity. We will have more information about all of these events very soon!! Get excited!!

Planning hard!

Planning hard!

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RC Olympics

Morrison_McGinnins_4cpIt’s almost time to represent Mary Hay/Peyton/Shuttles – the best commons on campus – in the RC Olympics. This is a new tradition at SMU designed to be a final kick off to the new school year! The plan is to have this experience grow into something that encompasses the entire student body and something that we can all take pride in winning. Who doesn’t like bragging rights? Our commons is the biggest on campus and we want to be victorious! The new buildings are getting a lot of shine simply because they are new but we will not be left behind! Be on the lookout for the opportunities for participation and involvement in the RC Olympics. Wear green and be proud!

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MHPS – Wear Red Friday!

Wear Red FridayAnother year of “Wear Red Fridays”starts Friday, August 29th, with the kickoff coinciding with ESPN College Colors Day. “Wear Red Friday” was launched in 2012 with a University proclamation asking all Mustangs “near and around the world” to wear red “as a show of support for Dallas’ leading university.”

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We Are Family

Dear Mary Hay/Peyton/Shuttles,

Our RA staff has prepared during the past two weeks for your arrival. Through fun activities and serious discussion, excitement has been building for this very week. On behalf of the MHPS Staff, we hope your first few days have been going well so far. Please remember that whether this is your first year or your victory lap, never hesitate to reach out to your Mary Hay/Peyton/Shuttles family. Your 11 RA’s are here to serve as a resource, friend, and mentor, and they are committed to offering their support. Make sure to stop by your RA’s door sometime this week to say hello!

Group Pic Plus Ben

Ashley Garner
Assistant Residential Community Director (ARCD)

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RC Olympics

clashofcommons2 Let us know if you want to sign up for an event! We Can’t wait to see you there! Our Commons will DOMINATE!

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Getting Involved With Your Commons

Hey MaryPeyttles!

MHPS invites you to apply for Commons Council. This is an excellent leadership opportunity for all residents that will allow you to take an active role in your Commons community.

We are looking to fill 7 executive positions:

  • Chief of Staff
  • Spirit and Competitions Coordinator
  • Public Relations Coordinator
  • Programming Coordinator
  • Mary Hay Building Representative
  • Peyton Building Representative
  • Shuttles Building Representative

See your RA for an application to learn more about these positions and the CC.

Apply to represent your Commons today! If you have any questions, contact Dillon Chapman (, our Commons Council President.


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