How to set up at TA in my.SMU

I wanted to make sure that those who are responsible for managing class scheduling in my.SMU know how to set up a TA, or Teaching Assistant, in the Instructor/Advisor table and add them to class sections. In previous years, TA information could be added to learning management systems (Blackboard/Canvas) directly. This is no longer the case. If a TA needs to be attached to a class section, they must first be added to the section in my.SMU. Continue reading

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Remote Control Assistance in the Classroom

Technology plays an vital role in classroom instruction.  When it doesn’t work as expected, it’s not only a tremendous disruption but it can be quite stressful as well.  Knowing that time is of essence, we began planning for a way to decrease the amount of time a class is interrupted due to technology issues or waiting for help to arrive. Continue reading

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PaperCut: A New Pay-for-Print Service at SMU

PaperCutDuring the summer, OIT stays busy making critical changes, updates, and adding new services in preparation for the new academic year.  One of the changes this summer was the implementation of a new pay-for-print solution.  PaperCut is the new printing solution offering a number of new features for our campus community. Continue reading

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New AV Event Request Process

AV Request FormThe AV team is responsible for supporting classroom equipment as well as campus events.  As each event has unique requirements, a new request form has been developed to help streamline these requests.  The form allows you to select from various equipment packages depending on your venue and your needs.  Once submitted, a ticket will be generated for our AV team.

In order to ensure your event is staffed and set up as desired, please submit the request form at least 5 business days in advance.  To access the form, visit Continue reading

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The IT Help Desk Returns to Fondren Library!

Help Desk in FLWAt the end of May, the Help Desk returned to Fondren Library. Our new expanded space is in the west lobby adjacent to the Collaborative Commons and Starbucks Café. If you haven’t yet seen the new renovations in Fondren Library, take a few minutes to come see the improvements. And, when you do, come check out the new help desk area. We’re excited to continue to providing our service back in Fondren Library. Continue reading

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Gaining Visibility into IT Projects

In addition to providing day to day operation of IT services, OIT is engaged in a number of projects to support the University. For instance, even if a department has selected a new software vendor, IT is routinely called upon to assist at some level with an implementation.  As we receive projects on a daily basis, each one is reviewed, approved, and then entered into TeamDynamix, our Project Management software. Project Managers are then selected and are responsible for spearheading the project, including communicating with appropriate personnel. We make these project available for review through TeamDynamix.

Project Highlights

We currently have over 60 projects that we are managing. Included are highlights of some of our critical summer projects: Continue reading

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SMU Mobile App Updated for Fall 2016

SMU Mobile AppLast year, we released a brand-new SMU mobile app for both iOS and Android devices. This year, we’ve made the app even better!

The SMU Mobile App includes quick information about many campus services within easy reach; like dining hall menus, campus maps, your class schedule, sporting event schedules, and more. Soon, you will be able to add and drop courses directly from the app as well, so you no longer have to trek to a computer to log into my.SMU. The add/drop is currently in beta, and we hope to enable this feature for everyone in coming weeks. Continue reading

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OIT Resources and Support for Faculty & Staff

Many University employees are unaware of the vast resources available at their fingertips. As we have entered the back to school season we’ve put together this list of resources and reminders for you. As always, if you have any questions about any of them feel free to reach out to the IT Help Desk. Continue reading

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Getting TA’s and Others in Your Canvas Course

Canvas Tips & TricksThe process to put people and classes into Canvas is an automated one; whatever information is in my.SMU is what will be used to populate those users and roles into Canvas. There are several designations in my.smu that help to get people in their correct course and role, such as, Instructors, Co-Instructors, TAs, and students. All students, Instructors, secondary instructors, observing/supervising instructors, and students are enrolled every couple of hours throughout the week. Continue reading

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Canvas Resources for Faculty & Staff

Canvas Tips & TricksThe Academic Technology team has worked feverishly to get our faculty and staff up and running with Canvas, our new course management system that rolled out to campus this summer. While some faculty members may have already engaged in this new system, many will be using it for the first time this semester.

Since January, Academic Technology and IT Training, have trained over 400 Canvas users to help them get their courses built. We’ve done this by facilitating departmental training, hosting weekly Canvas workshops, and providing additional learning opportunities through our Canvas Boot Camp and Canvas Nights webinar series. That doesn’t take into account the number of people the Academic Technology team has assisted through personal meetings, help desk tickets and direct phone calls.

If you haven’t yet had a chance to join us for one of our workshops, we will continue offering weekly seminars through the end of September. The weekly Canvas training schedule is available at Also, we have other Canvas resources and learning options available for you: Continue reading

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