Email Calendar Availability

Here’s an easy step to send someone your Outlook calendar availability!

  • From the calendar tab, select E-mail Calendar.

email calendar

  • Select the desired Date Range.
  • In the detail section, select the desired availability options you want to share.


  • Select/deselect the working hours only options.
  • You can choose the layout you prefer by clicking the show button under the advanced section. To close, click ok.
  • An email will then populate with a screenshot of the layout you selected.

Calendar view

calendar viewList View

list view

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Tips for Better Calendar Use in Office 365

CSC-SC2-Tip_3_02Simplify your scheduling

A busy day means a complicated calendar. With Office 365, students at SMU can easily set up and manage your meetings–saving you time to get more done.

CSC-SC2-Tip_3_05See other people’s calendars

Add a team member directly to your calendar view to see their availability whenever you want. Overlay their calendar with yours or hide it as needed.

Learn more

CSC-SC2-Tip_3_09Quickly set up a meeting

See the availability of all attendees and nearby conference rooms without leaving your meeting invitation.

Learn more

CSC-SC2-Tip_3_13Search your calendar

Need to find an event on your calendar but don’t know when it occurred? Whether you’re using Outlook or Outlook Web App, you can quickly search your calendar, or other people’s calendars, to find a particular event.

Learn more

For more information on Office 365 at SMU, please visit our webpage

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4 easy steps to keep the leading zero in Excel!

When working on spreadsheets you might have a need to have a column that has leading zeros. For example, let’s use an ID number, if I was to input the beginning of my id “0010” Excel would automatically remove the first two zeros.  Here’s how to keep the leading zero in Excel:

  1. Right click on the column you want the leading zero, select Format Cells
  2. Select Custom from the category list
  3. In the Type field, enter how many digits you need. The SMU ID is 8 digits which we will use in our example below.  (Note: You do not need to add quotes to the string.)

Format Cells

4. Click OK. The column will now utilize the format you created!

ID number


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Tips for Using OneNote in Office 365

headerKeep your notes close at hand

Stay organized and collaborate with teammates using OneNote in Office 365 on all your devices. Your notes are saved automatically as you make them—just like a paper notebook. They go with you everywhere too and, unlike paper notebooks, you don’t have to worry about losing them.

Get OneNote on your devices

csc-sc1-tip3_photo1_@2xDraw, sketch, or handwrite notes

Use your finger, stylus, or mouse on any Touch-capable device—and automatically convert your handwriting to text.

Learn more

csc-sc1-tip3_photo2_@2xRecord your notes

Don’t miss important information when you video- and audio- record your notes during important meetings.

Learn more

csc-sc1-tip3_photo3_@2xWork together from anywhere

Share your OneNote notebooks with others, so that everyone can edit and share notes in the same place. Your notes are synced to OneDrive for Business, giving everyone access to them from wherever they are.

Learn more

For more information on Office 365 at SMU, please visit our webpage

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Tips for Using Excel in Office 365

sc1_tip2_headerLet your data tell a story

With Office 365 you can easily tell the story of your data. Perform complex tasks quickly, visualize your data to understand it better, and share your workbooks for better results.

csc-sc1-tip2_photo1_@2xAnalyze your data instantly

Discover and compare different ways to represent your data visually then apply formatting, sparklines, charts, and tables with a single click.

Learn more

csc-sc1-tip2_photo2_@2xGet a better picture of your data

Let Excel recommended the charts that best illustrate your data’s patterns. Quickly preview your chart and graph options, then pick the ones that present your insights most clearly.

Learn more

csc-sc1-tip2_photo3_@2xLet Excel work for you

Save time as Excel learns your pattern and auto-completes remaining data. No formulas or macros required.

Learn more

For more information on Office 365 at SMU, please visit our webpage

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O365 for SMU Students

sc1_tip1_headerA better way to work for SMU students

With Office 365, you can read, write, collaborate, and present ideas—from virtually anywhere with consistent, clean, and fast experiences.

Simplify sharingcsc-sc1-tip1_photo1_@2x

Your files are saved online, so you can send everyone a link to the file where updates can be made together, at the same time.

Learn more

csc-sc1-tip1_photo2_@2xZoom in with PowerPoint

Direct your audience’s attention right to your point in your PowerPoint presentation. Zoom in on a diagram, chart, or graphic with a couple of clicks, and zoom out just as smoothly.

Learn more   

csc-sc1-tip1_photo3_@2xA PDF time-saver you’ll love

Open a PDF in Word on your desktop, and you can edit content as if you created it in Word.

Learn more   

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Tech Day 2014

Tech Day is free for SMU Faculty, Staff and Students. Topics range from Adobe to LinkedIn with subject matter experts from various departments at SMU as well as special guest speakers from Adobe and Apple. As there are a limited number of seats, all sessions will be on a first come first served basis. We look forward to seeing you there!

For the full schedule, please visit our webpage.

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OneDrive for Faculty, Staff, & Students

one driveIn case you haven’t heard, OneDrive is now available for all SMU faculty, staff, and students! What does that mean? OneDrive for Business is a Microsoft online service that provides resources for file storage, collaboration, and communication. Students and Employees receive unlimited space. All files that you store in OneDrive are private initially. However, you can easily change the permissions of the files to share them with other individuals (both at SMU and externally). The single-item file size upload limit is 10GB. You can also access and synchronize files easily on multiple devices.

Sounds great! How do I access my OneDrive?

  1. Visit and click Login.
  2. Enter your SMU email address using the format (
  3. You will automatically be redirected to the SMU Office365 login page.
  4. Enter your SMU email address using the format and your mySMU password.
  5. Click Sign In.
  6. Click OneDrive from the top menu bar. The first time you click on OneDrive, you may see a message that indicates your account is being activated. That process takes a few minutes to complete.
  7. You can use the OneDrive service from the browser window. Once you have initially launched one drive, it should also be a default save option without your Microsoft Office applications. You can also download the OneDrive Sync application onto your computer. This will automatically backup files saved to a specified location to your OneDrive account.
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Office Time Saver: Using Groups in Microsoft Outlook

I was just composing an email to a number of people I will be writing on a regular basis. Rather than reinserting each individual or wasting time searching for that last sent item and forwarding to all, I decided to create an Outlook group. It takes a few seconds to set up, and if you communicate on a regular basis with a particular group of people, this trick can save you a lot of time.

New Contact GroupTo begin, navigate to your Outlook contacts (People). From the Home tab, select New Contact Group.  Select Add Members and choose the appropriate Address List. Next, name your group and click Save and Close.

When you are ready to write your group, select the To…button, under the address book select Contacts. Next, go to the name of your group, double-click  and click OK.

Your group will display in your email and is available for you to use whenever you need it!


You can easily edit or delete a group by going to your contacts and searching for the group. Once you find the group, right click on the name and select Edit or Delete.

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Capturing Screenshots in Office

To follow along with last week’s post we wanted to give you a few tips on using screenshots in the Microsoft Suite.

From the Insert tab (available in all of the Office products), select the Screenshot screenshoticon.  Microsoft gives you two options you can use to insert an image. Click on the drop down arrow and either select Available Window, which gives you the option to insert another window into your document like in the example below: blog screenshot

screen clippingOr, you can insert a Screen Clipping, which allows you to select the specific item you want to insert. First, click on the window you want to grab the screenshot from to make the window active. Next, go back to the Office product you want to insert the screenshot into. Select the Screenshot icon and select Screen Clipping, the window that you were previously on will gray out.

The cursor will change to a cross +. Left click and select the area you want to insert. Here, I selected just the clip I wanted.

5 decades
That’s our quick tip of the day.  Happy screen clipping!



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