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Sitecore Basics Webinar

Are you new to Sitecore, SMU’s Web Content Management System? Are you a user, but you’re not using it regularly enough to remember how to use it? We can help. The Sitecore Basics class will cover everything you need to … Continue reading

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About Wiki.SMU

  Wiki.SMU is an online documentation system that allows for collaboration and shared editing of articles. Uses Instructons/ How- to articles Process documentation Frequently-updated documents Document versioning Benefits of using Wiki.SMU Wiki documentation is available on the web, from anywhere. … Continue reading

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Internet Browser Troubleshooting

By Rachel Mulry The IT Help Desk receives reports daily from individuals having trouble using different websites. These reports seem to be growing more and more frequent and functionality within websites seems to be impacted with each browser upgrade. The following … Continue reading

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Lyris Email Lists

Have you been looking for a bulk email option that allows you to use non-SMU emails? Or maybe you want to start a conversation chain for a class? Then take a few minutes and check out this mini-webinar by Assistant … Continue reading

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Lens Profile and Upright Corrections in Lightroom 5

by Moez Janmohammad Lightroom has tools built in that allow users to quickly and easily correct lens distortion and vingetting in images. Lenses have distortion because the light “bends” as it enters the front glass, so when it hits the … Continue reading

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SMU’s Password Reset Tool

This mini-webinar by IT Help Desk Consultant Zach Peterson show you how to enroll and use SMU’s password reset tool.  

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The First 48: iOS 8

by Moez Janmohammad iOS 8 was announced Monday, and the beta for developers went out that day. I’ve had it now for about 48 hours, and I’m pleased to say that it’s a pretty solid update, especially for the first … Continue reading

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Illustrator Image Trace Tutorial

By Moez Janmohammad Most images come in specific sizes, where the file contains each pixel’s information. This means that when a user scales the image to be larger, the program “fills in” the missing information, often making it look blurred … Continue reading

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Camera RAW

By Moez Janmohammad Introducing Feature of the Week, where we highlight a feature of a program and give a basic tutorial on how it works. This week we’re focusing on Camera RAW in the Adobe Creative Suite.  Camera RAW is … Continue reading

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Adobe Bridge CC

By Moez Janmohammad Adobe Bridge is a digital asset management software that allows a user to organize any kind of media. The name Bridge comes from the idea that Adobe Bridge will be the link between all of the programs … Continue reading

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