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Applications of Blockchain for Social & Environmental Impact

The Hunt Institute will transform into a conversational hub for computer science, blockchain and social impact during the Hunt Institute Seminar Series on Thursday, February 22 nd. Xiaochen Zhang, president and founder of FinTech4Good, will discuss the social impact of blockchain. Anna Carroll, a graduate student in the Darwin Deason Institute for Cyber Security in [...]

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The Story of Evie

On March 3, 2017 a rickety Shasta trailer with rotting walls rolled onto SMU’s campus. The doors were duct taped shut to hold it together. The once white siding had turned yellow after years of weathering. The two-toned orange striping on the side gave away the trailer’s mid-1980s birthday. In tiny white lettering painted over [...]

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Introducing Xiaochen Zhang, Hunt Institute Fellow

Xiaochen Zhang Xiaochen Zhang is the President of FinTech4Good and Blockchain Frontier Group. He leads the design and implementation of FinTech4Goods’s strategy which aims to introduce impactful fintech and blockchain solutions to frontier markets through incubation, acceleration and investment. He brings more than 16 years of thought leadership and global experience to build [...]

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Introducing Dr. Ahmet Can Sabuncu, Hunt Institute Fellow

Ahmet Can Sabuncu, PhD Dr. Sabuncu holds a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from Old Dominion University. Prof. Sabuncu's teaching interests are in the area of thermo-fluid sciences. He has also instructed senior design and biomedical engineering related courses. Dr. Sabuncu is working on low-cost and energy-efficient urban farming technologies in collaboration with the [...]

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Introducing Regina Montoya, Hunt Institute Distinguished Fellow

Regina Montoya, J.D. Regina Montoya is the Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and is the Chair of Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings’ Task Force on Poverty. Ms. Montoya is the Chief Strategist of the JMC Strategy Group, and she is currently writing a book about the importance [...]

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Introducing Anna Clark, Hunt Institute Fellow

Anna Clark Anna M. Clark is a fellow of the Hunt Institute for Engineering and Humanity at Southern Methodist University and the co-founder of the Inclusive Economy Consortium. In partnership with the Institute, Anna researches the intersection of corporate social responsibility (CSR), social enterprise and inclusive business. She was also a key organizer [...]

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Introducing Jamila Thomas, Hunt Institute Fellow

Jamila Thomas Jamila Thomas is a motivational speaker, author and entrepreneur. She is a native of Dallas, Texas and a graduate of Florida A&M University, located in Tallahassee, Florida. She received her undergraduate degree in Business Administration and a graduate degree, Masters of Business of Administration (MBA). She also has Master of Arts [...]

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Introducing Dr. Jaewook Myung, Hunt Institute Fellow

Jaewook Myung is currently an Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering of Southern Methodist University (SMU). Prior to joining SMU, he was a postdoctoral research fellow at Pennsylvania State University. He received a B.S. degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering at KAIST in 2011, and an M.S. and a Ph.D. degree in Civil and [...]

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Introducing Dr. Maryann Cairns, Hunt Institute Fellow

Maryann Cairns is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Southern Methodist University.  Dr. Cairns’ research is focused at the intersection of environment, infrastructure, and health.  Her work examines socio-ecological interactions in polluted waterscapes, giving specific attention to the sustainability and efficacy of infrastructure development.  Cairns has completed projects within these theme areas in Latin America [...]

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Introducing Dr. Robert Hunt, Hunt Institute Fellow

Robert Hunt, PhD Robert Hunt was born in Dallas, Texas, in 1955. After attending school in Austin and Richardson, he majored in History at the University of Texas in Austin. After completing a Master of Theology at Perkins School of Theology (SMU) he served as associate pastor of the Bethany United Methodist Church in [...]

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