Join Us at the Heart Walk – September 13, 2014

sneakersImagine the impact if we reduce death and disability from cardiovascular diseases and stroke by 20% by 2020! Wellpower is joining the American Heart Association’s Heart Walk to promote physical activity to build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke. We invite you to kick off the fall semester in a healthy way by joining Wellpower at this walk. Show your support for heart health at SMU!

Event information: The walk is a 3-mile, non-competitive walk. Wear good walking shoes, dress comfortably, and bring a bottle of water.

There is no charge to participate in the Heart Walk. Donations to the Heart Association are welcome, but are not required to be a member of the SMU team. This year we are seeking to engage the entire SMU community including staff/faculty, students, alumni, and our friends and family members. So start building your team today!

Heart Walk Typical Schedule:

8:00 am – Meet at Picture Stage for a quick team photo
8:30 am – Opening Ceremonies
9:00 am – Walk begins!

We are currently working on our team registration page. We invite you to click the link below to let us know you’re interested in participating in the walk. Once our registration page is ready, we will email you instructions for signing up as an individual or as a team.

Send Me Registration Information – I’m Interested in the Heart Walk!

Additional event information may be found on the Dallas Heart Walk website.

Questions about this event? Email us at AHA_LOGO_TEMP1

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Making Work More of a Workout

Man walking with briefcaseIf you are like the majority of American adults, you spend most of your waking hours at work, and it could be taking a toll on your health. Sixty-eight percent of adults are obese or overweight, and many of us struggle to find time to work out and make healthy eating a priority.  Since we spend so much time at work, it only makes sense to build in more activity during our working hours.

Get the most out of your workday with these tips to pick up the pace. Your heart will thank you!


Here are some ways to stay active during the workday:

  • Walk during business calls. March in place or at least stand when you talk on the phone.
  • There is no law that says you have to sit when you meet. Try brainstorming on the go. Make your next catch-up with your boss a walking meeting and discuss project ideas with a co-worker while you make a few laps around the building.
  • Skip the email or the call and walk down the hall to talk to a co-worker.
  • Tone your muscles while you work. You might be surprised by how much you can improve your strength and balance with just a few minutes and a desk chair. Light hand weights are helpful and can be easily stored under your desk, but you can do these without weights too. It 15 repetitions. The goal is to complete three sets of each activity.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Or get off a few floors early and take the stairs the rest of the way.
  • Participate in or start a recreation team…intramurals anyone?
  • Form a walking or sports team to raise money for charity events.
  • Schedule a walking break on your calendar and treat it like an important appointment.
  • Get off the bus a few blocks early and walk the rest of the way to work or home.
  • Walk around your building for a break during the work day or during lunch.
  • Park farther away from your building each day.
  • Use the restroom on the opposite side of the building or on another floor.
  • Traveling for business? Pack a jump rope or resistance band in your suitcase. Walk while you wait for your plane. Once you arrive at your destination, jump rope and do calisthenics in your hotel room. Take advantage of the fitness center or the swimming pool.

Create a personal challenge:

If you participate in Wellpower, you may want to create a personal challenge around walking! You may complete two personal challenges in the spring reward period.

Personal Challenge Information


Visit to find American Heart Association-designated walking paths, personalized walking plans, an online community of walkers and more. Record the distance or length of time of your activity and how you feel after each session. Reward yourself at special milestones. Nothing motivates like success!

Questions? Email HealthyU

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Men’s Health: Prevent the Top Threats

Do you know the greatest threats to men’s health? mens health basketball

Surprisingly, the list is short. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the top causes of death among adult men in the U.S. are heart disease, stroke, cancer and chronic lower respiratory disease.

The good news is that a few lifestyle changes can significantly lower your risk of these common killers. Take charge of your health by making healthier lifestyle choices. For example:

  • Don’t smoke
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Exercise
  • Limit alcohol
  • Manage stress

Stop avoiding the doctor! Your doctor can be your best ally for preventing health problems. Be sure to follow your doctor’s treatment recommendations and ask your doctor about when you should have cancer screenings and other health evaluations.

Another common cause of death among men are motor vehicle accidents. To stay safe on the road, use common sense: wear your seat belt, follow the speed limit, don’t drive under the influence of alcohol or any other substances, and don’t drive while sleepy. 

Suicide is another leading men’s health risk. If you have signs and symptoms of depression, consult your doctor. Treatment is available. If you’re contemplating suicide, call for emergency medical help or go the nearest emergency room. 

The Bottom Line

Understanding health risks is one thing. Taking action to reduce your risks is another. Start with healthy lifestyle choices by eating a healthy diet, staying physically active, quitting smoking and getting recommended health screenings. The impact may be greater than you’ll ever know.

For the full article, please visit

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A First Step Toward Success: Start Your Walking Program Now!

picture of pedestrian signEven if you’ve been a couch potato for a long time, starting a physical activity program really doesn’t have to be hard. And of course, there’s the benefit of helping reduce the risk for heart disease, the No. 1 killer of all Americans.  Some activities such as jogging, skiing, aerobic dancing, swimming, and cycling are great for your heart, but it may feel overwhelming to get started. Walking, however, is an easy, virtually free form of exercise you can fit into your daily schedule without too much effort.

The Heart Association recommends 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity a week. And while that may sound daunting as well, you can start slowly and gradually increase your activity until you’re doing about 30 minutes of activity most days of the week.

To get started, why don’t you join us on April 2 for National Start Walking Day? In recognition of this event, Wellpower will host a 1.5 – 2 mile walk at noon starting on the steps of Dallas Hall.

Wellpower Walk Information

Take the first step toward success
If you’ve been sedentary for a long time, are overweight, have a high risk of heart disease or another chronic health problem, talk to your doctor before you start a walking program.

To get started:

  • Try to walk at the same time of day so it becomes part of your lifestyle. You might walk every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from noon to 12:30 p.m.
  • Find a convenient time and place. Try to make walking a habit, but be flexible. If you miss an t give up. Work activity into your day another way.
  • Find a companion. You’re more likely to stick with it if you have a buddy.
  • Wear comfortable, properly fitting sneakers or flat shoes with laces and comfortable,
    loose-fitting clothing.
  • Look for chances to be more active during the day. Walk the mall before shopping, take
    15 minute breaks while watching TV or sitting for walking or some other activity.
  • Keep yourself accountable but cut yourself some slack if you stop for a while. Get started again gradually and work up to your old pace.
  • Already a walker and you want to pick up the pace? Tack another mile onto your regular route, try a more challenging path or add an extra day of the week.
  • Let technology help you. Get a pedometer and wear it daily. There are many new devices on the market that work with your smartphone or computer, in addition to standard pedometers. Simply being aware of your daily steps will help you set realistic goals.
  • Track and celebrate your successes.

Create a personal challenge:

If you participate in Wellpower, you may want to create a personal challenge around walking! You may complete two personal challenges in the spring reward period.

Personal Challenge Information


Visit to find American Heart Association-designated walking paths, personalized walking plans, an online community of walkers and more. Record the distance or length of time of your activity and how you feel after each session. Reward yourself at special milestones. Nothing motivates like success!

Healthy U HR

Walking program developed by American Council on Exercise® in collaboration with the AHA.

Questions? Email

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SMU 403(b) Retirement Plan: “10-Minute Tips” Presentation

Joe_ValiquetteInterested in learning more about the Southern Methodist University retirement plan?

Let Transamerica provide helpful retirement planning with their 10-Minute Tips presentation! Consider their 10-Minute Tips presentations for your staff meetings and make the 10-Minute investment in your staff’s retirement future!

SMU’s Transamerica Retirement Planning Consultant is available to offer brief informational presentations to help your employees understand the retirement plan and other retirement (savings/investing) topics.

Contact Joe Valiquette at 214-768-7504 or for attendance at your next staff meeting! And click here for more information!

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Dougherty’s Pharmacy is Back in the SMU Pharmacy Network!

pharmacyFollowing aggressive negotiations with Express Scripts, Dougherty’s Pharmacy has rejoined the SMU pharmacy network.  This was particularly important for SMU because Dougherty’s Pharmacy is one of a small number of pharmacies that can prepare and dispense compounded prescription medications.

Express Scripts is currently in negotiations with McMahan Pharmacy, another compounding pharmacy that left the SMU pharmacy network effective January 1, 2014.  We will send an update as soon as possible.

Express Scripts Customer Service:  866-662-0294

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Join Wellpower in Celebrating National Start Walking Day – April 2, 2014

Start Walking BannerSMU Wellpower is committed to helping you develop healthy habits and one of the easiest habits to build into your schedule is walking!

According to the Heart Association, research has shown that the benefits of walking and getting moderate physical activity for at least 30 minutes a day may include:

  • Lowered risk of coronary heart disease
  • Improved blood pressure and blood sugar levels
  • Improved blood lipid profile
  • More stable body weight and a lower risk of obesity
  • Enhanced mental well being
  • Reduced risk of osteoporosis
  • Reduced risk of breast and colon cancer
  • Reduced risk of non-insulin dependent (type 2) diabetes

So let’s get started! Bring your favorite sneakers and join us for a lively 1.5-2 mile walk around our beautiful campus. Invite your colleagues to come along and meet us on the steps of Dallas Hall at noon. Enjoy great conversation, our beautiful campus, and the opportunity to do something good for your overall wellness. If the weather is uncooperative, we will email everyone by 10 am to cancel and reschedule.

Participants should log this activity in the April “bonus points” section of Wellpower’s tracker.

Sign Up Now!

Look for a blog post each of the next 4 weeks with information about how to start walking more, how walking can help lower stress and more! Sign up for HR’s RSS feed to get our blog posts delivered to your inbox.

Want more information about walking? Check out the Heart Association’s website. It’s packed full of great information and tips on starting a walking program.

Heart Association – Why Start Walking?Healthy U HR

Questions? Email us at


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BCBSTX Deductible Discount Update for 2014

This past year, benefit-eligible employees had the opportunity to earn a 20% discount on the deductible for eligible SMU medical plans (the $2,500 and $5,000 high deductible plans are not eligible) offered through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX). If you completed an onsite screening or submitted a screening completed by your physician, you were eligible for this program in 2014.

Employees who earned the discount will be notified about their discount payment the week of February 3, 2014. If you don’t receive confirmation by Friday February 7, but think you should have qualified, contact us at

May I still earn the discount for 2014? Unfortunately, the deadline for earning the discount for 2014 has passed.

How do I know the discount has been applied? That’s the tricky part! The discount really isn’t a “discount” in the traditional sense of the word. Earlier in January, SMU made a payment toward your deductible of either $200 or $400, depending on your plan. So your deductible actually stays the same, but you will have already satisfied 20% of it.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t trigger an “Explanation of Benefits” or EOB, so you don’t ever see it. The only way you can verify the payment directly is to call the BCBSTX customer support line at 1-877-768-2005 and ask how much of your deductible has been met. Ask the customer service representative to look for a payment of $200 (for the $1,000 deductible plan) or $400 (for the $2,000 deductible plan). The representative won’t know anything about the deductible discount program, so refer any additional questions to Wellpower. Also, remember that the discount cannot be applied to our high deductible ($2,500 and $5,000) plans. 

What if I had a procedure done, before the payment is applied? If applicable, BCBSTX will refund any excess payment toward your deductible. Contact us at if you need help with that issue.

Will the Deductible Discount Program be offered for 2015?
The program will be discontinued after 2014. One of the reasons is that many of our employees now participate in high deductible plans, which are ineligible for the discount due to IRS regulations. For those who do receive the discount payment, many will not reach their deductible by the end of the year which means the discount will not actually help them.

In addition, SMU has been seeking other methods of encouraging staff and faculty to not only get an annual screening, but to take meaningful action if their screening numbers were outside of the healthy range. As a result, SMU HR is piloting the Healthy Outcomes program in 2014 to determine whether participants in it successfully improve their screening numbers if needed, or maintain their already good health. The Healthy Outcomes program offers a $300 cash incentive to those participants who successfully complete the program.

This fall, after the Healthy Outcomes program has been evaluated, employees will receive information about what program(s) will be offered in 2015.

Email with any questions.


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Living with arthritis and related conditions…

Walk DogAre you or a loved one living with rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis, gout or fibromyalgia? Visit the Arthritis Foundation for the latest news on medications and research, valuable information about pain relief, exercise routines, and much more.

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Wellpower: What’s Next?

AmazingchallengePosterheadersmallWellpower’s Fall Reward Period Ends January 31

Wellpower will wrap up it’s Fall Reward Period at the end of the month. Current participants should make sure they have all their January activities logged by January 25, 2014. The Wellpower Team will begin tallying up badges and sending out award emails in February.

Wellpower Begins Spring Reward Period February 1

Take the Amazing Challenge this spring and enjoy improving your overall health as we traverse the nation on our wellness journey! Each month we will visit an exciting new location and participants will be asked to try different activities to support their health in the areas of fitness, nutrition, and stress reduction. Join us for wellness seminars, live or online, throughout the spring to learn more about these 3 areas as well.

The Spring Reward Period will run for 5 months – from February through June, 2014. To be eligible to receive an award, participants must complete a biometric screening and then earn 2 or 3 additional badges to be awarded the Silver or Gold level. Participants who completed a screening in the fall of 2013 meet the screening requirement for the Spring Reward Period. To learn more, use the appropriate links below:

Note: Current participants who registered in the fall of 2013 do not need to register for the Spring Reward Period. Only new participants will need to complete the registration process.

Choice_Apple_doughnutWeigh-In/Weigh-Out Challenge

Participants interested in maintaining their weight or working toward a healthy weight may choose to take the Weigh-In/Weigh-Out Challenge. Participants must Weigh-In at the beginning of the reward period and then Weigh-Out near the end of the reward period. Those who successfully maintain their weight (within a +/- 2 pound range) or who make progress toward a healthy weight will earn a badge for this challenge. Click the link below for information about the challenge along with Weigh-In opportunities on campus.

Weigh-In/Weigh-Out Challenge Details


Wellpower Orientation

Wellpower will offer an orientation webinar on Monday, January 27 from 12-1pm.  Click the link below to sign up or to watch our pre-recorded orientation videos.

Wellpower Orientation

facebook-like-iconsmallFollow us on Facebook!

Questions? Email us at


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