FAQ for “Stop Harassment and Discrimination” and “Eliminate Campus Sexual Violence” Training via Law Room

At various points over the last six months, all full and part-time staff and faculty (including adjunct faculty) have been asked to complete two new online tutorials on the topics of preventing harassment, discrimination, and sexual violence. Temporary staff have not been asked to complete the new training, but may be required to do so in the future.

If you have been asked to complete the tutorials, but have yet to do so, we ask that you complete them by January 31, 2015. Click the link below to learn more about the tutorials and why President Turner has asked staff and faculty to complete the training.

Letter from President Turner Regarding Completion of New Online Training (November, 2014)

Online Training Via LawRoom


The required training is provided by Law Room and includes the following two tutorials:

  1. Eliminate Campus Sexual Violence
  2. Either Stop Harassment and Discrimination (employee version) OR Supervisory Anti-Harassment (manager version)

Regular “e-minders” are generated by the Law Room system until the assigned training is completed.

Your completion status is typically uploaded within 24 hours to your training summary in my.SMU and is viewable under Self Service>Learning and Development>Request Training Status.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  I’ve completed the training – why am I still receiving the email reminders?
There are  2 reasons you might still be receiving the emails.  First, there are 2 tutorials to be completed.  You may have completed one but not the other.  Log back into the vendor’s system and check the list of assigned training to ensure you have completed both. Second, you might have completed the second tutorial in time to prevent the next “e-minder” from placed in the email queue. Emails typically go out on Monday, so if you are sure you’ve completed both tutorials correctly, wait at least one week to see if the email reminder stops. If you’re still receiving email reminders after following these steps, email us at DevelopU@smu.edu for assistance.

2.  I am “stuck” on a page and can’t advance forward.
The tutorials contain interactive elements which must be completed before the NEXT nextbutton is revealed at the bottom right on your screen.  Look for the instructions on the page (Click, Drag, Read, etc) and interact with all the elements to reveal the Next button.

3.  I don’t see anything on my screen-it’s not doing what it is supposed to do.
The interactive elements of the tutorials require the most recent versions of Adobe Flash. Check to ensure your version is the most recent and if not, download the free update from the Adobe online site.  If you are uncomfortable doing this yourself, contact the OIT Help Desk for support.  You also might try a different browser window to access the training.  Your computer settings might cause an unfriendly interaction with the default browser on your computer.  Again the OIT Help Desk can support you if this is the issue.

4.  I’m a temporary or adjunct faculty member and I can’t log in – the link in my email is not working.
Temporary faculty status was moved to “Inactive” in my.SMU at the end of the Fall semester, which caused the corresponding Law Room accounts to be inactivated as well.  When the temporary faculty member’s Payroll Authorization Form (for the next semester in which they will teach) is entered into my.SMU, the corresponding account in the Law Room system will be reactivated, typically within 24 hours. The individual will receive a new email from LawRoom and s/he will have an additional 90 days to complete the training.  

Questions regarding the content presented in the training should be directed to the Office of Institutional Access and Equity at accessequity@smu.edu.

Questions regarding the training assignments and completions should be directed to Human Resources at DevelopU@smu.edu.

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