What I love About Being an RA

What I love About Being an RA

Sep 23, 2016|Residence Life and Student Housing|

It's move-in day. You've prepared all week for 40 new residents to move into your hall. The anticipation awaits of what your floor dynamic will be this year. Will you have a quiet floor? A rowdy floor? Or, worst of all, a messy floor? No one knows, but the one thing I did know was [...]

Raising the Bar from the Ordinary to the Extraordinary

Jun 7, 2016|Campus Life, Life Around Dallas, Residence Life and Student Housing, Student Organizations, Uncategorized|

Corral Guides preparing for Corral Kickoff Festivities College is a magical time. Pretty much anyone you meet who has been will say that for a number of different reasons: the classes, the personal development, the freedom, etc. For me, what’s made SMU most magical is the people. When I put down my deposit [...]

Traditions at the Residential Commons

Feb 16, 2016|Residence Life and Student Housing|

On February 6, SMU had its own version of Mardi Gras in the form of Krewe de Ware. Each year the Residential Commons system has the unique opportunity to sponsor different events throughout the semesters on campus. With the new housing system in place, and thriving, Ware commons was able to throw an event that [...]

Dogs of SMU

Apr 9, 2015|Ambassadors, Campus Life, Residence Life and Student Housing|

My family has had a dog for my entire life. Whenever we moved (which was 6 times), our dog, Coco the Chocolate Labrador came with. So when I came to SMU, I was very sad to leave my dog. However, I didn’t really dwell on it when I was packing up my bags. I quickly [...]

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Mar 5, 2015|Ambassadors, Campus Life, Residence Life and Student Housing|

As a student in high school, I could never imagine living somewhere other than my house in Alabama with my parents and siblings surrounding me. I had lived in the same house, even the same room, for my entire life. The idea of moving was foreign to me, especially the idea of moving away from [...]

Changing The World, One RC At a Time

Mar 1, 2015|Ambassadors, Campus Life, Residence Life and Student Housing|

Sometimes on the Hilltop, we forget that there is a whole other world going on at the same time. People wake up, brush their teeth, go to work/school/back to bed, eat, and do it all over again. When SMU kicked off it's "World Changers Shaped Here" campaign, I started to wonder what exactly qualified someone [...]

The Residential Commons: Leading the Pack

Jan 23, 2015|Residence Life and Student Housing|

By Tammy Winter I'll admit, when I joined the Residential Commons Leadership Corps last year in the hopes of getting to be involved in the creation and implementation of the Res Commons here at SMU, didn't quite know what I was getting myself into, a feeling that I'm sure was shared by everyone in the [...]

Leading the Charge on Commons Development

Oct 17, 2014|Residence Life and Student Housing|

By Kaleb Lee This summer I did some research abroad with the Residential Commons Leadership Corps. In July of 2014, SMU flew me and six other members of the RCLC out to Oxford and Cambridge to conduct res earch on behalf of the new residential commons model. It was an amazing experience. We toured more than [...]

What are FiRs for?

Oct 6, 2014|Residence Life and Student Housing|

By Quincy Schurr This year marks the first year that each residential commons has a Faculty in Residence (FiR) living in the building. While it might seem a bit strange to have a SMU faculty member and their family live in your building, our FiRs are going above and beyond to provide an experience to [...]

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