Reflections of a ‘Senior’ Citizen

Reflections of a ‘Senior’ Citizen

Oct 16, 2013|General|

By Bri Strickland It seems like just yesterday I was a wide-eyed first-year Mustang strolling the Boulevard, unsure of what the next four years had in store for me. I came to SMU without knowing a single person so my first few months were marked by awkward first encounters and countless handshakes. I remember wondering [...]

The Other Wes Moore

Oct 9, 2013|General|

By Julius Henderson Now in my 3rd year at SMU, I’ve had a chance to experience the college atmosphere and deal with many of the responsibilities that come with going to a school like SMU. One thing is for sure: college is about choices. As a matter of fact, life is about choices, and a [...]

Top 5 Questions to Ask

Sep 30, 2013|General|

By Emily Hegi There’s more to being an SMU Student Ambassador than just giving tours.  We write your postcards, we call you on the phone, and we also help out with college fairs!  Last week I worked at three college fairs in a row (Phew!).  I noticed that some students didn’t even know where to [...]

A Weekend in Taos

Sep 25, 2013|Academics, General|

By Katelyn Hall The typical weekend at SMU in the fall involves going to the football game, chatting by the tanning pool, and some time in the library. But this weekend, I swapped out the heat of Texas for the mountains and cool air of New Mexico. SMU has a campus in Taos, New Mexico, [...]

Retreating to Taos

Sep 16, 2013|General|

By Mehdi Hami Over Labor Day weekend, I took a trip to Taos, New Mexico, home to one of SMU’s three campuses. When people think of Taos, they think of the art and culture that defines the town. Of course, it is all that, but also so much more. First of all, the Taos campus [...]

My Summer at the Office of George W. Bush

Aug 21, 2013|General|

By Courtney Quinn Have lunch with a United States President? Check! This summer I was an administrative intern for the personal office of George W. Bush. It was a fantastic experience that I will never forget. I learned so much about the life of our 43rd President and what goes on post-presidency. The interns were [...]

The Story of a Mustang Summer

Aug 12, 2013|General|

By Michael Saunders What have I been doing this summer?........ Oh man, where to begin?  On May 22nd I flew to Heathrow Airport in London, England.... I brought with me a dufflebag, a backpack, and a whole lot of inexperience in European travels.  I had absolutely no clue what I wanted to see or do, [...]

Reflections at the Halfway Point

Aug 4, 2013|General|

By Laura Spitler As my junior year is gearing up to start in the next few weeks, I can’t help but marvel at the fact that I’m already half-way through with college (or less if I graduate early!).  It wasn’t too long ago that I was in y’alls shoes- combing over college rankings, admissions websites, [...]

Road Trip to Austin

Jul 26, 2013|General|

By John Morrow Texas summers provide plenty of opportunities for students to travel throughout the state. This past weekend, a group of friends and I took a road trip down to Austin. We kicked off Saturday morning with breakfast at Texas Honey Ham (I highly recommend the breakfast tacos). After stuffing our faces, we hopped [...]

Intern Life at AT&T

Jul 19, 2013|General|

By Liz Dubret This summer I had the best job interning at AT&T. I got the best of both worlds, because I got to work at the headquarters in Downtown Dallas and at the innovation center, the Foundry, in Plano. The two different environments were really cool to experience. One is your typical corporate America [...]

Dining with Decision Makers

Mar 12, 2013|General|

By Will Slack SMU is a unique university. Our university’s administration welcomes suggestions and ideas from students regarding university improvement and policy change. One venue in which students are able to voice concerns and ideas is through the Dining with Decision Makers event. Held annually, this event is coordinated by the University’s Board of Trustees [...]

Shaq Attack

Mar 9, 2013|Academics, General|

By Brie Strickland I still remember the day the Miami Heat signed Shaquille O’Neal. It was one of the greatest days because my parents jumped at the opportunity to get season tickets. Fast forward eight years and I’m get a late afternoon phone call from a friend asking if I’d like to go to lecture [...]

I’m From Manhattan. Manhattan, Kansas That is…#TBT

Mar 7, 2013|General|

By Andrew Galloway On this #ThrowBackThursday, I reflect back on the days at SMU way before Twitter and even (gasp) “The” Facebook.  Coming to SMU from Manhattan, Kansas in 2004 was, let’s say, a change of pace.  Apparently, and I still don’t believe this, jean shorts and calf-high socks with sandals were not “in style.”  [...]

Make your Destination SMU

Mar 4, 2013|General|

By Brie Strickland The scariest time frame for any high school senior is the one in between submitting an application and the fateful day when a specially marked envelope is delivered. For those accepted there is a great sigh of relief until they realize they are not 100% sure on a school yet. Luckily, for [...]


Jan 28, 2013|General|

By Ramon Trespalacios What is being a hipster? I’ve always wondered, is it just not being mainstream? Going against the flow? Is it having a meager lifestyle?  Or just living life and acting without fear of judgment? In my opinion, hipsters don’t want to be categorized into social groups or norms; nonetheless there is a [...]

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