Bringing Moody Magic to the Top 25

Mar 7, 2015|Ambassadors, Athletics, Campus Life, Spirit and Traditions|

This past week, the SMU men’s basketball team remained in the top 25, by landing a spot as the 21st best team in the country! News like this excites all Mustang fans, and the crowd at the game on Wednesday was one of the loudest I have heard. The team, unfortunately, was not able to [...]

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Mar 5, 2015|Ambassadors, Campus Life, Residence Life and Student Housing|

As a student in high school, I could never imagine living somewhere other than my house in Alabama with my parents and siblings surrounding me. I had lived in the same house, even the same room, for my entire life. The idea of moving was foreign to me, especially the idea of moving away from [...]

Brave the Elements

Mar 3, 2015|Ambassadors, Campus Life|

While you can always count on the Dallas summers to be hot, (trust me I gave tours over the summer), the winters are a little bit more unpredictable. SMU students may have thought spring was coming early when we enjoyed temperatures in the upper 70’s a few weeks ago, however, the snow and ice this [...]

Moody and March Magic

Mar 1, 2015|Ambassadors, Athletics, Campus Life, Spirit and Traditions|

2015 at SMU has already started off with a bang and the men’s basketball team has dominated the New Year. SMU’s 23-6 overall record, 14-3 conference record, have led the Mustangs to the top of the American Athletic Conference, just one game behind Tulsa. Mustang basketball tickets are hard to come by these days as [...]

Changing The World, One RC At a Time

Mar 1, 2015|Ambassadors, Campus Life, Residence Life and Student Housing|

Sometimes on the Hilltop, we forget that there is a whole other world going on at the same time. People wake up, brush their teeth, go to work/school/back to bed, eat, and do it all over again. When SMU kicked off it's "World Changers Shaped Here" campaign, I started to wonder what exactly qualified someone [...]

A cappella: Not Just for the Movies

Jan 19, 2015|Campus Life|

By Anna Scott Phillips After seeing Pitch Perfect, I had always been infatuated with a cappella groups, but not talented enough to be in one. I admire girls in my grade who can belt a tune to my favorite pop songs. After our monthly meetings as ambassadors, I met a girl named Nadine Kakish. She [...]

Both Sides of the Boulevard

Dec 19, 2014|Campus Life|

By Liz Crowell It’s easy to become comfortable and stuck with the same routine, the same buildings on campus and the same group of people once you get settled in college. At SMU we have two prominent sides of the boulevard; on the West side you have the renowned Meadows School of the Arts while [...]

Taking a Study Break with Meadows Performances

Dec 12, 2014|Campus Life|

​By Katelyn Hall I'm a journalism major in Meadows School of the Arts, but I'll tell you one thing: I'm not artsy. I can't draw, I'm tone deaf, and I trip on my own feet. But my artistic deficiencies make me appreciate the work my peers in Meadows do even more. I have friends doing a gallery [...]

Pony Up, Mr. President

Dec 10, 2014|Campus Life|

By Carissa Laughlin I was very fortunate as a student at SMU to have the opportunity to attend a presentation from former President George W. Bush about his new book, 41: A Portrait of My Father. This opportunity was provided to me from the Hunt Leadership Scholars program and the generosity of the Hunt family. [...]

Celebration of Lights: Behind the Scenes

Dec 8, 2014|Campus Life|

By Jack Murphy Without a doubt, one of the most popular traditions SMU hosts in the winter is the famed "Celebration of Lights."  Students since the 1970s will talk about their magical experience singing along to Christmas carols with their friends while sipping on hot chocolate on the steps of Dallas Hall.  I am proud to [...]

Celebration of Lights: A Senior’s Perspective

Dec 5, 2014|Campus Life|

By Taylor Thompson With finals approaching (actually, they start in 3 days, yikes!) it’s always nice to take a break with friends to celebrate the holidays. My favorite tradition that we have on campus is Celebration of Lights. Students, faculty, staff, and families from about the Park Cities all come together on Dallas Hall Lawn [...]

Celebration of Lights: A Holiday Tradition

Dec 3, 2014|Campus Life|

By Melody Davis It’s time for finals now for SMU students – which means late nights studying, extra coffee, stress to pull off those good grades; no surprise there. But finals time also means something else on campus for SMU: Celebration of Lights. This past Monday, I celebrated my fourth but hopefully not last Celebration [...]

Homecoming 2014: Crown the King and Queen

Nov 21, 2014|Campus Life|

By Adam Melson As the fall semester ends and the temperature drops, its a telltale sign that Homecoming is near. This past Homecoming weekend was again one of the best weekends of the fall semester. (Pictured: 2014 Homecoming King Kyle Cantrell representing Beta Upsilon Chi and 2014 Homecoming Queen Taylor Goerke representing Chi Omega) Alumni [...]

Homecoming 2014: Winter is Coming

Nov 19, 2014|Campus Life|

By Katie Maiers This past weekend, I experienced two special occasions here at SMU; it was a weekend of welcoming alumni, but it was also a weekend of welcoming some the coldest temperatures this season. Sun or snow, the weekend was full of excitement and energy as campus welcomed alumni, families, and friends to campus [...]

Homecoming 2014: Pomping and Parading

Nov 17, 2014|Campus Life|

By Kathleen Batman Homecoming is one of the best times to be on campus. So many alumni come back to celebrate SMU and it’s a lot of fun to participate in all of the events during the week leading up to the football game. The biggest event is always the homecoming parade where organizations present [...]

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