A Unique Experience: A Guest Lecture by President Bush

Dec 4, 2015|Academics, Bush Library, Cox Business School|

Meeting President Bush on campus was one of the things I had on my bucket list since my freshman year at SMU. However, I never thought that the way I would meet him was through a surprise guest lecture in one of my business classes.I am currently taking Professor Don Vandewalle's class on Leadership and [...]

I Met the President…

Feb 28, 2014|Bush Library|

By Jack Murphy I met the president.  No, let me rephrase.  I had a memorable five-minute conversation with the former Commander-in-Chief George W. Bush and his wife, talking about how great SMU’s students were, my red hair, and our favorite topic: SMU Basketball.  But let me back up, you may be wondering how I met [...]

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