Moody Magic

2015-12-09T11:30:08+00:00 Dec 9, 2015|Athletics, Campus Life|

SMU storms the court after SMU upset #7 Cincinnati! Welcome to Moody Coliseum, SMU’s 7,000 seat capacity basketball arena. Moody has become one of the premier places in the nation to watch a college basketball game, as well as one of the most feared places for opposing teams to visit. Moody Coliseum was [...]

SMU & TCU: The Battle for the Iron Skillet

2014-10-01T12:43:33+00:00 Sep 29, 2014|Athletics|

By Nikki Carenza It’s no secret there is an epic rivalry between SMU in TCU. Therefore whenever we meet in sports everyone comes out to show support for their team. This year SMU hosted TCU for the annual football game rivalry. I was especially looking forward to this event because my entire family decided to [...]

Moody Magic, Volleyball Style

2015-02-13T13:23:19+00:00 Sep 12, 2014|Athletics|

By William O'Connor Last weekend, a group of my friends and I went to the SMU Women’s Volleyball game against OU in Moody Coliseum. The atmosphere was great; a number of students attended the game, and the Dallas community was very well represented, too. My friends and I know a few girls on the team, [...]


2014-09-17T12:49:35+00:00 Sep 1, 2014|Athletics|

By Jacqui Jacoby Early last semester, my RA called me around 8:00 pm and said, “Do you want to do something spontaneous?” Due to my self-diagnosed condition of Fear of Missing Out, I replied with an excited yes, completely unaware of what would soon become an SMU tradition. She asked me to camp out for [...]

Moody Magic: An Intern’s Perspective

2014-05-05T14:40:00+00:00 May 21, 2014|Athletics|

By Jeffery Jacobs This semester, I was fortunate enough to work as a Public Relations Intern with Southern Methodist University Athletic program. I started working on January 2nd as a volunteer construction worker for the Moody Coliseum. With only two days before the opening of the coliseum, it was imperative to make sure every tile [...]

SMU Basketball is Here to Stay

2014-03-31T13:30:49+00:00 Mar 24, 2014|Athletics|

By Philip Kilgore Last Sunday, hundreds of SMU faithful showed its undying loyalty to its basketball program by attending its first Selection Sunday event in recent memory.  Unfortunately for the team, we were only the 2nd team in history to be ranked but not make the tournament. After defeating numerous top 25 teams and coming [...]

Magic in Moody

2014-03-03T13:39:27+00:00 Feb 21, 2014|Athletics|

By Courtney Quinn I have been attending SMU Men’s Basketball games since freshman year and I never thought I would find myself camping out for tickets my Senior year. Since gaining Larry Brown as our head coach last season, Brown has completely changed our basketball program; the team has done a full 180. Brown worked [...]

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