Brave the Elements

Brave the Elements

Mar 3, 2015|Ambassadors, Campus Life|

While you can always count on the Dallas summers to be hot, (trust me I gave tours over the summer), the winters are a little bit more unpredictable. SMU students may have thought spring was coming early when we enjoyed temperatures in the upper 70’s a few weeks ago, however, the snow and ice this [...]

Moody and March Magic

Mar 1, 2015|Ambassadors, Athletics, Campus Life, Spirit and Traditions|

2015 at SMU has already started off with a bang and the men’s basketball team has dominated the New Year. SMU’s 23-6 overall record, 14-3 conference record, have led the Mustangs to the top of the American Athletic Conference, just one game behind Tulsa. Mustang basketball tickets are hard to come by these days as [...]

Changing The World, One RC At a Time

Mar 1, 2015|Ambassadors, Campus Life, Residence Life and Student Housing|

Sometimes on the Hilltop, we forget that there is a whole other world going on at the same time. People wake up, brush their teeth, go to work/school/back to bed, eat, and do it all over again. When SMU kicked off it's "World Changers Shaped Here" campaign, I started to wonder what exactly qualified someone [...]

Another Year on the Hilltop

Aug 29, 2014|Ambassadors|

By Ryan Herrscher Hi everyone! In case you are just tuning in to news from the Hilltop, classes ramped up this week after an exciting 2014 Mustang Corral experience. We all had some great summers with awesome opportunities, but I think I speak for all the ambassadors when I say we are thrilled to be [...]

Visiting SMU on Game Day

Sep 9, 2013|Ambassadors|

By Kathleen Batman There is no better way to start off a day of SMU spirit with a Saturday visit! Gamedays are the best days to be at SMU and they embody everything that SMU is! There’s always so much going on and it’s always a blast! On select Saturdays the Admissions Office hosts visitors [...]

Elephants and Super Heroes and Narwhals, OH MY!

Feb 7, 2012|Ambassadors, Campus Life, Spirit and Traditions|

By Annie Bures We all loved Halloween when we were little but in college it is Halloween all year ‘round! Now every university has its traditions about costume parties but at SMU we do it large and in style! I have been known to come up with some pretty great costumes in my time [...]

Weather Woman

Feb 7, 2012|Ambassadors, Campus Life, Life Around Dallas|

By Lauren Lyngstad Though it is February 2, and Punxsutawney Phil may have “seen” his shadow, it sure doesn’t seem like winter time in Dallas. The past week the highs have been around the 60s and 70s, making it easy to forget that it is the middle of winter! I have loved being able [...]

Nuts about Southwest!

Feb 2, 2012|Ambassadors, Careers, Life Around Dallas|

By Lauren Cook I have the privilege of working as an intern for Southwest Airlines this semester. I wouldn't have gotten to application opportunity if it weren't for the help from SMU staff and students. Not only had my professor worked with Southwest Airlines, but also one of our very own tour guides, Derek [...]

A Family Affair

Feb 2, 2012|Ambassadors, Campus Life, General|

By Greg Nelson It was great to be home in Ohio for winter break with my family. It had been about five months since I had been home. While I was home, my brother who is a senior in high school started hearing back from some of the schools he had applied to early. [...]

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