ESPN College Game Day

ESPN College Game Day

Apr 18, 2015|Ambassadors, Athletics, Campus Life, Spirit and Traditions|

This past month, College Game Day came to SMU, and it was one of the best days for SMU basketball. The day started at 8AM bright and early on a Saturday when they aired the show at our very own Moody Coliseum. As soon as I arrived, we were given free grilled cheese (who doesn’t [...]

A New Era For SMU Football

Apr 15, 2015|Ambassadors, Athletics, Spirit and Traditions|

On December 1st, 2014, Chad Morris was named the new SMU Head Football Coach. Coach Morris comes to the Hilltop after five seasons as the offensive coordinator for Clemson. Morris brings a new level of excitement to the team, something we haven’t seen in a while. In just 64 days, Coach Morris and his staff [...]

A Passion Rediscovered

Apr 13, 2015|Ambassadors, Campus Life, Life Around Dallas, Spirit and Traditions|

When I was 6 years old, my mom bought my twin sister and me our first Dixie Chicks CD. She used to travel for work a few times a month, and one of the weeks that she was away, my dad helped my sister and I learn to sing the song “Long Time Gone” together. [...]

Making an Impact at SMU

Apr 11, 2015|Ambassadors, Careers|

At the end of last semester I had the incredible opportunity to attend the annual Net Impact Conference in Minneapolis with students and business professionals from all across the country. SMU sent 5 students to the conference to explore fields such as corporate social impact, entrepreneurship, clean energy, international development, impact investing, and many more. [...]

Dogs of SMU

Apr 9, 2015|Ambassadors, Campus Life, Residence Life and Student Housing|

My family has had a dog for my entire life. Whenever we moved (which was 6 times), our dog, Coco the Chocolate Labrador came with. So when I came to SMU, I was very sad to leave my dog. However, I didn’t really dwell on it when I was packing up my bags. I quickly [...]

The Method to my Madness

Apr 6, 2015|Ambassadors, Careers, Life Around Dallas|

Dallas coffee shop, Method: Caffeination and Fare, has become a second home to me and immediately came to mind when I was tasked with finding a client for a news writing class’ semester-long project. The young, energetic owner Louie Corwin and his staff of expert baristas were already familiar faces, and I was excited for [...]

Career Center Help Leads To Internships

Apr 3, 2015|Ambassadors, Careers|

It was a busy fall semester full of football games, boulevards, tests, quizzes, RC banquets and deadlines for summer internships. I spent just about every Saturday in September applying for summer internships online and through the Cox Career Center Luckily by the end of the semester I had a bit of good news. I was [...]

D-Town Dining

Apr 1, 2015|Ambassadors, Life Around Dallas|

Being from Dallas is excellent if you, like me, love food. Having the most restaurants per capita in the entire United States ensures that every meal eaten off campus is not just a meal, but an experience. The variety in cuisines and atmospheres in Dallas' plethora of restaurants make it the perfect place to live [...]

Sing Song

Mar 26, 2015|Ambassadors, Campus Life, Spirit and Traditions|

I could not act, sing, or dance even if my life depended on it. Before college the only musical role I ever played was a pig that just oinked in the background when I was in elementary school. That was the extent of my acting career. After being at SMU for a year and a [...]

Summer on Campus

Mar 23, 2015|Ambassadors, Campus Life, Life Around Dallas, Spirit and Traditions|

I am so excited that this summer I will be here on campus at SMU working AARO. For those that don’t know, AARO is an acronym for “Academic Advising Registration & Orientation” and I will be an AARO leader for next year’s first year students! I applied for the job way back in November and [...]

Prepping For The Working World

Mar 16, 2015|Ambassadors, Careers|

As a Junior Finance major at SMU, I have recently been in the throws of formal summer internship recruitment. Daily, sometimes twice daily, Banks held information sessions and formal recruitment fairs. “Thank-you-notes” became routine, phone interviews were second nature, and the employees at the local dry-cleaners even knew me by name. I don’t mean to [...]

A Semester in Spain: Food I Already Crave

Mar 13, 2015|Ambassadors, Life Around Dallas, SMU Abroad|

For those of you wanting to study abroad sometime during your four years in college, this one’s for you. Last semester I was fortunate enough to study in Madrid, Spain, through SMU-in-Madrid. Since returning back to SMU and being reunited with all of my friends, the first question I am obviously asked is, “How was [...]

Back To Where It All Began

Mar 11, 2015|Ambassadors|

Some might say that going back to visit one’s high school sounds like the worst idea ever, reminiscent of awkward stages and that one teacher that everyone couldn’t stand, but not me. Having been raised in Dallas, I went to high school not ten minutes from SMU campus at Ursuline Academy of Dallas and had [...]

Bringing Moody Magic to the Top 25

Mar 7, 2015|Ambassadors, Athletics, Campus Life, Spirit and Traditions|

This past week, the SMU men’s basketball team remained in the top 25, by landing a spot as the 21st best team in the country! News like this excites all Mustang fans, and the crowd at the game on Wednesday was one of the loudest I have heard. The team, unfortunately, was not able to [...]

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Mar 5, 2015|Ambassadors, Campus Life, Residence Life and Student Housing|

As a student in high school, I could never imagine living somewhere other than my house in Alabama with my parents and siblings surrounding me. I had lived in the same house, even the same room, for my entire life. The idea of moving was foreign to me, especially the idea of moving away from [...]

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