Powerful Resources: Utilizing Office Hours

2013-01-22T19:59:35+00:00 Jan 18, 2013|Academics|

I believe office hours are the most underutilized resource on campus. Office hours not only help a student’s understanding of course material, they provide students with the opportunity to build relationships with their professors. I make an effort to visit each of my professors in office hours at least once during the semester. My most [...]

Teach Me How to Study

2012-11-09T17:27:51+00:00 Nov 15, 2012|Academics|

By Lauren Lyngstad The first round of exams in each of my classes is over, and I am proud to say that I successfully survived! Over the past seven days, I had three tests and three quizzes, in addition to balancing my SMU Ambassador duties and my obligations to the numerous other clubs on campus. [...]

SMU Abroad: Expand Your Horizons

2012-11-09T17:27:27+00:00 Nov 14, 2012|Academics|

By Liz Dubret and Will Slack How would you like to spend an entire semester studying advertising and art in India? Or live in Oxford, England and study politics at one of the oldest universities on earth during the summer? At SMU, study abroad programs like these are not only feasible but highly encouraged. One [...]

Staying Motivated: The Power of Freedom

2012-11-09T17:25:47+00:00 Nov 13, 2012|Academics, General|

By Brie Strickland I am by no means a morning person, so waking up before dawn three days a week is a daunting challenge. On mornings where my bed is extra snuggly I question why I signed up to take three back-to-back Communications clases so early in the day. As I climb up the stairs of [...]

Meadows Adds New PR Major, Expands Opportunities

2012-11-16T16:24:50+00:00 Nov 12, 2012|Academics|

Brie Strickland In an effort to further expand the Meadows School of the Arts, SMU is proud to introduce and offer a new degree in Public Relations and Strategic Communication. The program aims to fuse advertising, journalism, communication and technology courses. The new head of the department, Sandra Duhe, is the equivalent of a public [...]

The Summer of Rambo

2012-11-09T16:06:30+00:00 Nov 9, 2012|Academics|

By Mehdi Hami Over the summer, I decided to take several summer school classes. Not only did I get to spend more time on this beautiful campus, but I was about to work on campus and boost my GPA. As a biology major, I was tired of all the science courses that I had to [...]

Election Day on the Hilltop!

2012-11-07T00:48:27+00:00 Nov 7, 2012|Academics|

By Katelyn Hall Hello everyone! Whether Republican or Democrat, SMU students are excited for Election Day! All of my friends have either cast their absentee ballots or are headed to the polling stations today to participate in electing our next President! I’m actually in a political science class on presidential elections right now. In that [...]

Expanding Horizons

2012-11-02T15:12:27+00:00 Nov 2, 2012|Academics, Campus Life, General|

By Laura Spitler I want to talk about a piece of advice I heard multiple times before arriving at college: Try something new. College is such a perfect time to expand your horizons.  For some students that may mean getting SCUBA certified through your wellness class, for others it may mean learning that foreign language [...]

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