Put On Your Creative Hat

2015-02-13T13:23:46+00:00 Apr 28, 2014|Academics|

By Katie Maiers As an advertising student, I often forget that research papers, minimum word requirements, and the typical academic fears that loom over many college students continue to exist. Don’t get me wrong: I still write an occasional paper now and then, but for the most part, my assigned work tends to feel more [...]

Spring Break en Panamá

2015-02-13T13:24:11+00:00 Apr 25, 2014|General|

By Shauna Davis This past Spring Break I had the opportunity to travel internationally with several SMU dance majors (and one engineer!).  The location was Panama and what brought us there was dance.  We worked with a group called Movement Exchange that has developed partnerships with orphanages in Panama, Brazil and the States.  Over the [...]

The Final Four in Dallas

2014-04-28T13:30:41+00:00 Apr 21, 2014|Life Around Dallas|

By Elizabeth Dubret Not too long ago, Dallas was lucky enough to host the Final Four!  It was an exciting time to be in the city, and there were so many amazing things to do as a student.  To kick it all off, SMU hosted the Three Point and Slam Dunk competition in our very [...]

Class Spotlight: Honors Marketing Practicum

2014-04-07T13:44:24+00:00 Apr 18, 2014|Academics|

By Lauren Lyngstad This semester, I have had the opportunity to be a student in the Cox School of Business Honors Marketing Practicum. This course takes place every fall for a select group of graduating Marketing majors, and it has easily been one of my favorite courses that I have taken during my time at [...]

A Day in the Life…

2014-04-07T13:45:03+00:00 Apr 14, 2014|General|

By Laura Spitler A question we get fairly often as SMU Ambassadors is “what does a typical day look like for you?”  So I thought it might be fun to spell that out on here since it incorporates info about classes, homework, holding a job, and being involved on campus… My alarm goes off at [...]

A Look Back on Spring Break

2015-02-13T13:24:46+00:00 Apr 11, 2014|General|

By Elishah Ramos For this past Spring Break I was fortunate enough to serve the Memphis community by working on the Mississippi River in river cleanup. Here at SMU, we have the option to participate in an Alternative Breaks program for our fall, winter, and spring breaks. Last year, I participated in a spring break [...]

It’s Springtime in Dallas!

2014-04-07T13:43:09+00:00 Apr 7, 2014|Life Around Dallas|

By Erin Robbins Spring is arguably the most beautiful time of the year to visit SMU and a perfect season in Dallas.  Everything is in bloom, the weather is perfect, and there are tons of things to do outdoors. One of my favorite things to do on a sunny 78-degree day (like today) is head [...]

SMU Pom Squad: Bringing the Spirit

2014-04-07T13:42:46+00:00 Apr 3, 2014|General|

By Blake Ann Seeker It has been an honor and privilege to support SMU athletics this past year, as a member of the SMU Pom Squad.  What began with tryouts last May has lead the ‘pommies’ to march in parades, boulevard with fellow mustangs, cheer on our teams to victory, watch the Larry Brown Era [...]