By Austin Brown

With spring break right around the corner the majority of SMU’s student body will be found in one of the SMU’s 9 libraries studying for their multiple midterm exams.  Fortunately for those studying, the unusually cold weather is an added incentive to stay inside.  I am one of the lucky few that has already taken their midterms.  Since I do not have to spend my free time studying for midterms I decided to write this quick guide to 5 popular study spots at SMU in order to help others out.

5) Dorm Room:

Pros: Don’t have to leave your room to study, Comfortable, Don’t have to lug your books/binders across campus

Cons: Potential to get too comfortable and fall asleep, Friends from your dorm might distract you, Some people have trouble studying in dorm rooms

4) Starbucks:

Pros: Nothing beats the smell of fresh coffee, Easy access to study food, 3 separate locations on or close to campus (Café 100 included)

Cons: Can be tough to find a seat at times, Not always quiet, Closes at 9 pm

3) Hamon Arts Library:

Pros: Large windows that let in a lot of light during the day, Close proximity to a lot of the dorms, option to reserve a study room

Cons: Can be difficult to find if you don’t know your way around Meadows, Not the largest library, Closes at 12 am

2) West Stacks, Fondren Library:

Pros: Very quiet and isolated, Sectioned off study space with light and power outlet let you block off the outside and simply study, 8 different floors provide plenty of study areas that are available until 2 am

Cons: Can be too quiet and isolated for some people, Not the most recently renovated section of the library, Not ideal for group studying only solo studying

1) Fourth Floor Fondren East, Fondren Library:

Pros: Arguably the best view on campus if you look out of the windows facing South campus around sunset (or sunrise if you’ve pulled an all-nighter), Tables provide open space for group studying/spreading out while sectioned off desks provide solo studying space, Open 24/5 during the school year and 24/7 during exam week

Cons: Can be tough to find an open space at times due to its popularity, Group studying is possible but everyone must keep their voices down