Fighting for the Innocent at SMU

2014-03-31T13:31:04+00:00 Mar 31, 2014|Life Around Dallas|

By Liz Crowell Now that I am almost halfway done with my time in college (which I still refuse to accept), I truly didn’t think that my experience at SMU would continue to diversify and expand.  Thankfully, I have been proven wrong with the addition of The Innocence Project of Texas into my daily routine.  [...]

Philanthropic Fun

2014-03-31T13:29:23+00:00 Mar 28, 2014|Life Around Dallas|

By Melody Davis As spring weather is hopefully about to hit SMU, so are several SMU parents this semester! Even if you get to college from out of state, like myself from Florida, and start to miss the family right about the semester halfway point, not to worry – they always like to come to [...]

SMU Basketball is Here to Stay

2014-03-31T13:30:49+00:00 Mar 24, 2014|Athletics|

By Philip Kilgore Last Sunday, hundreds of SMU faithful showed its undying loyalty to its basketball program by attending its first Selection Sunday event in recent memory.  Unfortunately for the team, we were only the 2nd team in history to be ranked but not make the tournament. After defeating numerous top 25 teams and coming [...]

Best Study Spots on Campus

2015-02-13T13:25:31+00:00 Mar 21, 2014|Campus Life|

By Austin Brown With spring break right around the corner the majority of SMU’s student body will be found in one of the SMU’s 9 libraries studying for their multiple midterm exams.  Fortunately for those studying, the unusually cold weather is an added incentive to stay inside.  I am one of the lucky few that [...]

The Artsy Side of Life at SMU

2014-03-17T14:34:03+00:00 Mar 17, 2014|General|

By Shannon Conboy My favorite part about being at SMU as a Vocal Performance major is the balance I am able to maintain between focusing wholeheartedly on my training and being social and involved on campus. I’ve heard people speak of Meadows School of the Arts as being a conservatory-style school as far as training [...]

Let’s Go To Taos!

2014-03-17T14:33:36+00:00 Mar 14, 2014|General|

By Taylor Corrigan With all of the endless opportunities SMU has to offer during the school year, the possibilities don’t end with the arrival of summer – the adventures are just beginning! For me, they are in Taos, New Mexico, where I will take a business course and a physical fitness class for the month [...]

The Hilltop Gives Back

2014-03-17T14:33:09+00:00 Mar 10, 2014|Life Around Dallas|

By Kevin Hess I recently had a chance to go explore Dallas and give a little back to the city that every SMU student grows to love so much. SMU helped organize a volunteer project with a local organization called "Give Graffiti the Brush." This was a really unique volunteer opportunity in which a group [...]

You Won’t Go Hungry Here!

2014-03-03T13:42:47+00:00 Mar 7, 2014|Campus Life|

By Mehdi Hami It’s no secret that Dallas has more restaurants per capita than New York City, but who would have thought that SMU’s cuisine on campus is also really good. It has to be to keep me eating on campus more than off campus! In terms of cafeteria options, Umphrey Lee, also known as [...]

Opportunites Abound in PR

2014-03-03T13:25:25+00:00 Mar 3, 2014|Careers|

By Kelsey Buttrell PRSSA is one of the many amazing academic organizations on campus and one that I have the pleasure to be a member of. This past week at SMU, PRSSA hosted Mark Hass as a guest lecturer for all PRSSA students. Mark Hass is the President & CEO for Edelman, the largest public [...]