I Met the President…

2014-03-03T13:48:13+00:00 Feb 28, 2014|Bush Library|

By Jack Murphy I met the president.  No, let me rephrase.  I had a memorable five-minute conversation with the former Commander-in-Chief George W. Bush and his wife, talking about how great SMU’s students were, my red hair, and our favorite topic: SMU Basketball.  But let me back up, you may be wondering how I met [...]

Live at the American Airlines Center

2014-03-03T13:41:02+00:00 Feb 24, 2014|Life Around Dallas|

By Kelsey Buttrell One of the best attributes of going to school at SMU is being in the amazing city of Dallas. One of the amazing things about Dallas is the American Airlines Center. It is the home of the Dallas Stars and The Mavericks. It also hosts many amazing concerts. This month, I got [...]

Magic in Moody

2014-03-03T13:39:27+00:00 Feb 21, 2014|Athletics|

By Courtney Quinn I have been attending SMU Men’s Basketball games since freshman year and I never thought I would find myself camping out for tickets my Senior year. Since gaining Larry Brown as our head coach last season, Brown has completely changed our basketball program; the team has done a full 180. Brown worked [...]

The Dallas Music Scene

2014-02-21T11:31:55+00:00 Feb 17, 2014|Life Around Dallas|

 By Daniel Brock One of my favorite parts about SMU is being connected to the Dallas Music Community. A big city offers a wide variety of opportunities that I would not be able to get in a small town. My favorite music event in Dallas is Sofar Sounds. Basically, Sofar Sounds are these secret concerts [...]

Moody Madness

2014-02-21T11:31:16+00:00 Feb 14, 2014|Athletics|

By Katelyn Hall It’s a good time to be an SMU student and a Mustang basketball fan. Over the past few weeks, I have watched the Mustangs win every home game at our renovated Moody Coliseum. It was so fun to cheer on the Mustangs with all the SMU students. I joined the MOB, the [...]

Someone Pinch Me…

2014-02-21T11:32:43+00:00 Feb 10, 2014|Athletics|

By John Morrow At 7AM this morning I found myself waiting in line outside in near freezing temperatures with hundreds of other students. I wasn’t there to pick up the latest Apple iPhone. No, I was there with numb feet and frozen hands that could barely text for SMU Men’s Basketball tickets. Crazy right? Not [...]

Barney Was Created by a Pony!

2014-02-10T14:03:34+00:00 Feb 5, 2014|General|

By Billy Hightower One of the many things that drew my eye about coming to SMU was the number of notable people that have attended SMU. There are accomplished former SMU in all types of different industries. In regards to politics SMU has had ten Congressmen, seven U.S. Ambassadors and two Senators. Laura Bush is [...]

Moody Madness

2014-02-10T13:51:57+00:00 Feb 3, 2014|Athletics|

By Kathleen Batman Men’s Basketball has never been a sport to draw a big crowd at SMU. However, within the last year the basketball games have become the place to be. With the renovation of our basketball arena, Moody Coliseum, and the hiring of Larry Brown as our head coach, basketball has become very popular. [...]