Real Talk: 21st Century Activism

2014-02-03T13:44:10+00:00 Jan 31, 2014|Campus Life|

By Ashley Garner I had the pleasure of attending the first “Real Talk” of the spring semester. The office of Student Activities and Multicultural Student Affairs hosts lunches that invite students and SMU staff to discuss challenging societal concerns. Students are encouraged to discuss topics pertaining to the diversification of America using the Bantu discussion [...]

The Greek System: A Senior’s Perspective

2015-01-07T06:27:50+00:00 Jan 9, 2014|Campus Life|

By Emily Hegi Last semester I had the incredible opportunity to be on the executive board of my Greek organization. I know what you’re thinking: the Greek system is all about partying and paying for friends. I’m here to tell you that stereotype is completely inaccurate.  But first, lets rewind to my very first semester at [...]