By Elishah Ramos

As is quite common with college campuses all throughout the nation, there are always ongoing rivalries in athletics, and our annual battle is one none other than Fort Worth’s Texas Christian University. Every year between SMU and TCU we have a football game where we battle for the Iron Skillet. To outsiders it might not seem like much, because it really is just a skillet, however, that skillet for us represents victory over our rival school.

photoThis year I have the honor and privilege of being a Peruna Handler. For those who are not sure Peruna is our live Mascot, a black Stallion Shetland Pony. Although we are the Mustangs, a mustang is an undomesticated animal; therefore, we went for the next best thing. Peruna is an aggressive and feisty little guy that fears no one. He is famous for his kick – just ask Fordham University’s ram or Bevo. We have the tradition that after every touchdown and at the end of every quarter we run Peruna all 100 yards of the field and hope that our legs will move us fast enough to keep up with him and not trip!

Peruna’s tenacity is well known and because of that CNN’s Headline News wanted to have a quick question and answer session with us [the Peruna handlers] and Peruna. The interview was so much fun and it was great to have our little stallion shine in all his glory. I remember getting text messages and emails from friends letting me know that they saw us on tv, even though now that all of our games are televised, it is not the only appearance the handlers have made with Peruna. Sadly, the results of the game were less than stellar, but there is always next year! Pony Up!