By Emily Hegi

There’s more to being an SMU Student Ambassador than just giving tours.  We write your postcards, we call you on the phone, and we also help out with college fairs!  Last week I worked at three college fairs in a row (Phew!).  I noticed that some students didn’t even know where to begin with questions about colleges, so I’ve compiled a list of five essential questions that I think are most important. Whether you’re a freshman in high school or a graduating senior, asking these questions can provide valuable insight into any University.

5.  How can I get involved in college?

It is imperative (in my opinion) to get involved at your university.  Sometimes college can be tough!  Your community and the people you’re involved with become your support system through the good and the bad.   At SMU, there are hundreds (literally) of ways to get involved; from Student Senate to the Daily Campus (our on-campus Newspaper) to Greek Life, there are ample opportunities to immerse yourself into the SMU community.

4.  Are there on-campus resources to help me find a job?

I know, I know. You’re thinking, “Job?! I’m just trying to find a college! I have years to worry about that!”  Trust me, I was the same way.  However, college is just the beginning of your emergence into the real world sans parents and unfortunately getting a job comes along with that.  Thankfully, at SMU we have the Hegi Family Career Center where students have FREE access to career counselors who’s job is to help SMU students find a career.  There are also job fairs held on campus, which are not unlike the college fairs you’ve been attending.  Except instead of college representatives standing behind the tables, its future employers that have come specifically to SMU to employ our students!

3.  How do I apply for scholarships?

This one is for the parents.  Financing college can be a big concern so it’s important to ask your favorite schools how to apply for scholarships!  At SMU, every student that applies is considered for our scholarship—no extra application!  The exception to this is the Hunt Leadership Scholarship.  To find out more about that, visit

2. Are there special visit days that I can attend to learn more information about my anticipated major? 

This questions very important for two reasons:  One, you definitely want to visit any school that you’re applying to so that you can really get a feel for it.  Two, if you’re already going to visit, you might as well get the most out of it!  Sometimes you only have a few minutes at the college fair to talk to a representative so it’s important to find out these dates so that you can get all of the detailed answers that I know you’re dying to have!  SMU, for example, has something called Spotlight Tours.  Visit for all the details!

1. Is there I current student that I could contact?

To me, this is the most important question!  Current students are an awesome resource to get an honest perspective of their school. Also, who knows?  Maybe they could even end up being your friend!