558862_4820281228524_636664766_nBy Jack Murphy

Oh how sweet it is to return to SMU after a hot summer in the hills of northern California after a great summer internship.  It’s good to get back to the Big D.  While I had been keeping busy over the summer, it seems that SMU has been making big changes as well!  Closing in on finishing the final touches on the Residential Commons, improving Moody Colliseum for our top-caliber basketball team, and welcoming a whole new class of awesome first-years!  I remember my first year, which actually ended only a few months ago.  The people you meet, the classes you take, and the big city you live in all have an impact on every new college student.  But the memories I will never forget is my time with the first-year program called U11.

829 1341When everyone is scoping out the interesting organizations during “A Night at the Club”-the fair for SMU clubs and organizations – I came across a combined group of the Union and Mustang 11.  Known as U11, this group promotes class spirit and unity, and in doing so they play a major role during football and basketball games!  When U11 accepted me, I became part of a family of friendly and spirited people and we were given to opportunity to uphold a major tradition at SMU: Lead the football team onto the field.  Before every game, I would march down the Boulevard with the Mustang Band, Cheer team, and Pom Squad onto the field and lead our Mustang Football team out of the tunnel and onto the field.  It’s the most exhilarating experience running in front of 50+ large college athletes, praying that I don’t trip and get trampled on!  By participating in U11, I had the opportunity to get a photo-op with some pretty awesome people!  I shook the hand of former President George W. Bush at the first football game and met TOMS shoes founded Blake Mycoskie at the Homecoming game!  After such a memorable experience with U11, I took up an advisor role with the organization and continue to show my SMU spirit for every game, all the way to the forth quarter.  These are the times in college that you will never forget.

Top picture: My U11 friend Allison lost amongst the football team while trying to outrun them.

Bottom picture: Me, (Jack Murphy) in the Sunglasses in the back,  taking a photo with George W. Bush.