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Top 5 Questions to Ask

By Emily Hegi There’s more to being an SMU Student Ambassador than just giving tours.  We write your postcards, we call you on the phone, and we also help out with college fairs!  Last week I worked at three college fairs in a row (Phew!).  I noticed that some students didn’t even know where to [...]

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Fry the Frogs!

By Billy Hightower Hail to the red and the blue, we’re the Mustangs from SMU!  The clock is ticking - tomorrow morning the duel of DFW, a rivalry spanning almost 100 years between SMU and TCU, will begin. The series between the two DFW teams began in 1915 with a 43-0 win by TCU. Over the [...]

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A Weekend in Taos

By Katelyn Hall The typical weekend at SMU in the fall involves going to the football game, chatting by the tanning pool, and some time in the library. But this weekend, I swapped out the heat of Texas for the mountains and cool air of New Mexico. SMU has a campus in Taos, New Mexico, [...]

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Dallas: Sports City, USA

By Liz Blumberg While Dallas is famous for many things, one thing stands out in particular: sports. Whether your favorite team rules the field, the court or the ice, there are plenty of opportunities to catch the action – some are just minutes away from campus!  NFL: Dallas Cowboys “The House That Jerry Built” is [...]

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U11: Fostering Mustang Spirit

By Jack Murphy Oh how sweet it is to return to SMU after a hot summer in the hills of northern California after a great summer internship.  It's good to get back to the Big D.  While I had been keeping busy over the summer, it seems that SMU has been making big changes as [...]

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SMU Abroad: South Africa

By Shannon Conboy If there is one thing I could recommend that you absolutely must do in your four years here at SMU, it is to study abroad. This summer, I had the opportunity to be able to spend the month of June in South Africa with a group of eleven awesome SMU students, and [...]

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Retreating to Taos

By Mehdi Hami Over Labor Day weekend, I took a trip to Taos, New Mexico, home to one of SMU’s three campuses. When people think of Taos, they think of the art and culture that defines the town. Of course, it is all that, but also so much more. First of all, the Taos campus [...]

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My Summer with Mercedes-Benz

By Billy Hightower This summer I had the awesome experience of finding an Internship through SMU at Park Place Mercedes Benz. I found my internship through an SMU career fair, at which one of the members of the HR department was a Mustang! My first day in the office, one of the managers threw me [...]

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Back to the Boulevard

By John Morrow It’s that time of year again! Football season is back in full swing, and we all know what that means. The Boulevard is back. We’re only two weeks into the year, and we’ve already knocked out two Boulevards in true SMU style. Despite the hot summer heat, we’ve been out in droves [...]

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Visiting SMU on Game Day

By Kathleen Batman There is no better way to start off a day of SMU spirit with a Saturday visit! Gamedays are the best days to be at SMU and they embody everything that SMU is! There’s always so much going on and it’s always a blast! On select Saturdays the Admissions Office hosts visitors [...]

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