Ky Kelsey Buttrell

I just recently returned to the beautiful U.S.A. from my trip with the SMU-in-London program! On this trip, I visited Scotland, Paris, Whales, Salisbury, and more! I took two college classes that expanded my knowledge and experience immensely while also becoming a world traveler! One of the best experiences, while I was there was going to Wimbledon! I have been a tennis nut since I was born, and my dream came true when I got to see a match from centre court! While I was there I saw four matches, which included the winning Andy Murray! An experience of a lifetime to say the least! I am so grateful for the memories and experiences that this abroad program gave me! Forever grateful! Now, I am just working and getting everything ready for next semester! Can’t wait to see you guys on campus! Best of Luck, and Pony UP!