By Mehdi Hami

While my friends were under the sun or on a boat during Spring Break, I was learning. It may seem weird to “learn” during Spring Break, but it was the best Spring Break I’ve ever had.

I’m in a class this semester that covers the Italian Renaissance in Florence and Venice. To complement the in-class portion of learning about the Renaissance, we got to go to Florence and Venice over Spring Break! With ten other students in the class, we flew to Italy and stayed there for the whole week.

Liz Blumberg, Liz O’Neill, and Brie Strickland, three other Ambassadors, went on the trip and made it that much better! We visited the most historic sites of the Renaissance and learned about a period in history that was filled with art, intellect, and innovation.

 From going to museums and old palaces to eating pizza like it was the last thing left on Earth, I honestly think I only slept a total of 35 hours the whole trip.  Seeing the cities late at night after all the tourists had gone to sleep was definitely the best part of the trip. It’s crazy how different everything looks and feels in silence and with only a few people there where thousands were just hours before. Sleep is overrated, especially in Italy.

Who has time to sleep in Venice and Florence? I’m never going to look back on my Spring Break in Italy and tell myself, “Man, I really wish I slept; I was so sleepy that night.”

Thanks to SMU for the greatest Spring Break ever.

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