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By Ramon Trespalacios What is being a hipster? I’ve always wondered, is it just not being mainstream? Going against the flow? Is it having a meager lifestyle?  Or just living life and acting without fear of judgment? In my opinion, hipsters don’t want to be categorized into social groups or norms; nonetheless there is a [...]

Engineering Opportunities

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By Will Slack SMU’s Lyle School of Engineering is unique. One of the many ways the Lyle School distinguishes itself is the Innovation Gymnasium. Located in Caruth Hall, the Innovation Gym is a place for students to work as consultants for companies throughout the Dallas metroplex. Corporations bring their challenges and problems to Lyle’s engineering [...]

Making Memories with George W. Bush

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By Kevin Hess One of the groups that I’m involved in on campus recently had the opportunity to hear a “VIP Guest Speaker” before we all went to go see Sanjay Gupta give a Lecture as part of SMU’s Tate Lecture Series. We all showed up anxious to see who this mystery person would be. [...]

Taking Advantage of Winter Break

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By Laura Spitler "One of the perks of being a college student is getting 5-6 weeks off for winter break.  It’s substantially longer than any time off you had in high school, in fact, it’s long enough to take a whole class!  SMU has a program called J Term where you can get credit for [...]

Forging Relationships with Professors

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By Daniel Brock I will never forget my first summer school accounting class that I took as a freshman. Never had I imagined that I would actually want to take summer school, but it was a great way to get into the business school early, so it seemed like a no brainer. As soon as [...]

Powerful Resources: Utilizing Office Hours

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I believe office hours are the most underutilized resource on campus. Office hours not only help a student’s understanding of course material, they provide students with the opportunity to build relationships with their professors. I make an effort to visit each of my professors in office hours at least once during the semester. My most [...]