Conquering Finals

By Laura Spitler

So, it’s that time of year again. The time of year college students everywhere dread – finals! If you’ve had the opportunity to visit campus in the last week, it has probably struck you as quiet. That is because most of the students have been busy studying.

This semester the SMU students were given two “reading days” during which classes were cancelled. I love reading days because they give me a chance to transition into final exam mode. I used these days to organize my notes, attend study groups with my friends, and catch up on sleep. 

One of the positive things about finals week is that SMU Dining brings free food to the library each night (think pancakes and quesadillas). Another nice thing that happens is that some of the residence halls decide to bring in the masseuses from the Dedman Recreation Center to give free massages for us.  Some professors allow you to be exempt from taking the final exam if you already have an A average in the class. This semester, for my first time ever, one of my professors gave us a take-home final. He gave us the prompt for our 10-12 page paper a week in advance, and we just had to turn in a hard-copy of the essay when our exam would’ve taken place. 

I think the key thing to remember about finals is that they are never so bad if you keep up with your classes over the semester – go to class, do the homework (even when its not mandatory), and read your textbooks!

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