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Celebrating the Season

By Liz Dubret and Billy Hightower As we were on our way to work today, we noticed the Christmas lights were being put up for the Annual SMU Celebration of Lights! One of our most popular and well attended SMU … Continue reading

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Larry Brown’s Big Debut

By Liz Dubret and Phillip Kilgore Hey y’all the Mustang Basketball team has their season opener this Sunday at 6pm! This game will be the introduction of Larry Brown and his amazing coaching staff! From the faculty, to the staff, … Continue reading

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The Summer of Rambo

By Mehdi Hami Over the summer, I decided to take several summer school classes. Not only did I get to spend more time on this beautiful campus, but I was about to work on campus and boost my GPA. As … Continue reading

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Homecoming: View from the Top

By John Angle This past week was one of the most fun but tiresome of my SMU career because I was in charge of planning and executing SMU Homecoming!  I had an amazing team that I worked with, and the … Continue reading

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Mustang Pride

By Melody Davis SMU students are passionate about our school! One of my favorite ways to show Mustang Pride and give back to all that SMU gives me is by giving campus tours. How could you not want to wear … Continue reading

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Election Day on the Hilltop!

By Katelyn Hall Hello everyone! Whether Republican or Democrat, SMU students are excited for Election Day! All of my friends have either cast their absentee ballots or are headed to the polling stations today to participate in electing our next … Continue reading

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Senior Moment: “My Last Boulevard”

By Anne Parker This weekend is my last boulevard as an undergraduate Mustang and I can hardly believe it. Boulevarding has long been my favorite part about SMU. Red dresses, cowboy boots and everyone all coming together to support our … Continue reading

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Wanted: Video Game Tester

By Billy Hightower Today was awesome!  This summer I was bored one day so I decided to log on to MustangTrak to look for any job opportunities. After applying to a couple of internships there was one in particular that … Continue reading

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Expanding Horizons

By Laura Spitler I want to talk about a piece of advice I heard multiple times before arriving at college: Try something new. College is such a perfect time to expand your horizons.  For some students that may mean getting … Continue reading

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Homecoming: Hawaiian Style

By Amie I always tell prospective students to visit SMU on a football weekend if they are ever in limbo about the SMU experience. This homecoming weekend put that statement into action because the entire SMU campus was full with … Continue reading

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