Wanted: Video Game Tester

By Billy Hightower

Today was awesome!  This summer I was bored one day so I decided to log on to MustangTrak to look for any job opportunities. After applying to a couple of internships there was one in particular that caught my eye…VIDEO GAME TESTER. I quickly submitted all my information to this potential opportunity and I got a call last week asking me to come to the SMU in Plano Campus and test video games.  Earlier today I went to the Plano campus and was called in by the THQ gaming center.  Along with about 10 other testers, I got the chance to play an unreleased video game and then give my feedback on it. After an hour and a half of playing we were compensated with new video games and IT WAS AWESOME! Well I g2g, it’s Friday and there are some friends of mine playing Ultimate Frisbee out in front of Dallas hall.  LATER!

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