Senior Moment: Top 5 Favorites

2012-11-29T22:38:14+00:00 Nov 28, 2012|General|

By Anne Parker As a senior, I have accumulated many amazing memories at SMU! I have loved every single second I have spent here. It is hard to pick what my favorite things are, but I have five that definitely top the list. 1. Boulevarding. This is what our version of tailgating is before our football [...]

SMU Abroad: Learning in London

2012-11-20T20:13:07+00:00 Nov 26, 2012|SMU Abroad|

By Claire Piepenburg Studying abroad is one of the best experiences I’ve had as a student at SMU.  I spent the fall semester of my junior year attending King’s College, an academically notable university located right in the heart of London. I had a wonderful time, met some new friends and visited some amazing places. [...]

Happy Thanksgiving from the Hilltop!

2012-11-20T20:13:39+00:00 Nov 21, 2012|General|

By Ryan Herrscher With Christmas break looming on the Horizon, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to look back and take some time to be thankful for all that we have.  I, for one, am extremely thankful for the opportunity to be at SMU and to be a part of the vibrant community that gives our [...]

Life Around Dallas: Uptown

2012-11-20T20:20:59+00:00 Nov 20, 2012|Life Around Dallas|

By Philip Kilgore One of my favorite SMU traditions comes every Sunday; my friends and I go to this restaurant called Gui and enjoy their “all you can eat sushi” special. So every Sunday, we take the trip a few miles down the road to McKinney Avenue, otherwise known as Uptown. Uptown is an area [...]

SMU Abroad: Europe as a Classroom

2012-11-19T21:32:43+00:00 Nov 19, 2012|SMU Abroad|

By Liz O'Neill I had the amazing opportunity to study abroad for the fall semester of my junior year at SMU in Copenhagen, Denmark with the Danish Institute for Study Abroad.  Studying abroad was probably my most amazing experience at SMU thus far.  I learned so much about myself while living abroad, it was a completely [...]

Life Around Dallas: Bieber Fever

2012-11-16T16:23:33+00:00 Nov 16, 2012|Life Around Dallas|

By Lauren Lyngstad This past Monday, a group of three friends and myself decided to buy tickets for the Justin Bieber concert about four hours before it started. Being that tickets had been sold out for a while, we decided to visit a ticket resale site in an attempt to get some good tickets for [...]

Teach Me How to Study

2012-11-09T17:27:51+00:00 Nov 15, 2012|Academics|

By Lauren Lyngstad The first round of exams in each of my classes is over, and I am proud to say that I successfully survived! Over the past seven days, I had three tests and three quizzes, in addition to balancing my SMU Ambassador duties and my obligations to the numerous other clubs on campus. [...]

SMU Abroad: Expand Your Horizons

2012-11-09T17:27:27+00:00 Nov 14, 2012|Academics|

By Liz Dubret and Will Slack How would you like to spend an entire semester studying advertising and art in India? Or live in Oxford, England and study politics at one of the oldest universities on earth during the summer? At SMU, study abroad programs like these are not only feasible but highly encouraged. One [...]

Staying Motivated: The Power of Freedom

2012-11-09T17:25:47+00:00 Nov 13, 2012|Academics, General|

By Brie Strickland I am by no means a morning person, so waking up before dawn three days a week is a daunting challenge. On mornings where my bed is extra snuggly I question why I signed up to take three back-to-back Communications clases so early in the day. As I climb up the stairs of [...]

Meadows Adds New PR Major, Expands Opportunities

2012-11-16T16:24:50+00:00 Nov 12, 2012|Academics|

Brie Strickland In an effort to further expand the Meadows School of the Arts, SMU is proud to introduce and offer a new degree in Public Relations and Strategic Communication. The program aims to fuse advertising, journalism, communication and technology courses. The new head of the department, Sandra Duhe, is the equivalent of a public [...]

Celebrating the Season

2012-11-09T17:22:06+00:00 Nov 11, 2012|Spirit and Traditions|

By Liz Dubret and Billy Hightower As we were on our way to work today, we noticed the Christmas lights were being put up for the Annual SMU Celebration of Lights! One of our most popular and well attended SMU traditions occurs at the beginning of December to kick off exams. At this function, everyone [...]

Larry Brown’s Big Debut

2012-11-12T21:16:41+00:00 Nov 10, 2012|Athletics|

By Liz Dubret and Phillip Kilgore Hey y’all the Mustang Basketball team has their season opener this Sunday at 6pm! This game will be the introduction of Larry Brown and his amazing coaching staff! From the faculty, to the staff, to the students, everyone is chompin’ at the bit to finally see the Mustangs in [...]

The Summer of Rambo

2012-11-09T16:06:30+00:00 Nov 9, 2012|Academics|

By Mehdi Hami Over the summer, I decided to take several summer school classes. Not only did I get to spend more time on this beautiful campus, but I was about to work on campus and boost my GPA. As a biology major, I was tired of all the science courses that I had to [...]

Homecoming: View from the Top

2012-11-09T17:19:57+00:00 Nov 8, 2012|Campus Life|

By John Angle This past week was one of the most fun but tiresome of my SMU career because I was in charge of planning and executing SMU Homecoming!  I had an amazing team that I worked with, and the event overall went pretty flawlessly. We began working to plan Homecoming in March and went [...]

Mustang Pride

2012-11-06T16:03:01+00:00 Nov 7, 2012|General|

By Melody Davis SMU students are passionate about our school! One of my favorite ways to show Mustang Pride and give back to all that SMU gives me is by giving campus tours. How could you not want to wear the SMU polo and teach visitors to Pony Up? SMU Ambassadors love to represent red [...]

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