Bringing Spirit to Rock the Vote

By Ramon Trespalacios

It’s Homecoming week at SMU. This means people donating blood, decorating windows, painting peruna-shaped wood, float building and a lot of school spirit and healthy competition. At the beginning of the week to kick off the race among the king and queen candidates, Student Foundation organized an event called Rock the Vote. This is one of my favorite events during Fall Semester. Every member of the different organizations participating in homecoming goes to the soccer field stands to cheer for their candidate. You can see people representing greek letters, t-shirts that read “I <3 AC” (Asian Council) or  “Association of Black Students.” With so much craziness going on, I wanted to attend with something totally random. I decided to wear a chicken suit. Why? may you ask. Why Not? I’ll respond. Our overall theme for homecoming is Holidays, and my organization chose Texas Independence Day. Therefore I thought. Chicken-Texas-Cowboys-Chicken-Mexico-Independence… and decided to wear a chicken suit.

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