Celebrating Celebrations

By Chris Medrano

As an SMU student I am constantly amazed by how much time and effort the university invests into making student life on campus memorable.  SMU loves to celebrate, whether it is the annual celebration of lights, the grand Christmas lighting on campus, or the 25th birthday party for the student center building.  The campus is vibrant and there is always something new to do.

The University is currently celebrating its centennial and is in the midst of a four year long celebration. One of the many events honoring this milestone was the Cafeteria Extravaganza. Our main dining facility, Umphrey Lee, celebrated the centennial by serving food from each decade the school has been in existence. The cafeteria staff wore old timey outfits that represented the 1910’s. They even had live music while students were eating! Every detail had been carefully thought out, from the home-made root beer, to the black and white photos from the school’s history that hung on the walls. Needless to say, lunch was a real treat that day

However, that is only one example of how SMU creates memories for its students.  It is not every day that one sees an 8-foot-tall cake made up entirely of balloons, but that’s what I saw last week when I walked into the student center. The entire building was decorated with streamers, life-size balloon palm trees and signs that read “Happy Birthday, Hughes-Trigg.” Hughes-Trigg is the student center on campus which houses the post office, various eateries and student organizational offices. The building recently turned 25 and this was the reason for the giant balloon birthday cake that sat in the middle of the 1st floor.  The celebration continued the entire week, which consisted of  t-shirt and water bottle giveaways, free cake and live music. It was both amusing and a little sad to know that this building would probably have a better 25th birthday than me.

These experiences and celebrations are the things I will remember most when I leave college. They made my college experience unique and gave my friends and I the opportunity to do something fun on campus.

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