Loving Learning in Cox

By Taylor Thompson

Hey y’all! With it being October, classes have definitely been in full swing for a while, and with Midterms finally over (thank goodness!!) I’ve had some time to realize how much I’ve already learned this year. My favorite class by far this semester is The Evolution of American Capitalism. One of my favorite aspects of the class is that it’s taught by Dean Niemi, the dean of the Cox School of Business. He has such great academic and real world experience that he applies to the topics we learn in class, that we as a class have started to develop a sense for where the American economy has been, where it is now, and where we might be headed. Being able to understand the global and domestic economic trends is so helpful in understanding all other aspects of business, like why companies are making certain decisions about jobs and production. As a first semester business student, it’s great to be able to learn all of this hands-on, applicable knowledge. What I love about SMU is that not only are cool classes like this offered in Cox, but they’re offered in every school here at SMU. All you have to do is take the time to look at the semester course list, and who knows what you’ll be able to find! Even with all the great activities going on around campus, it’s been great to continue loving my classroom experience here on the Hilltop!

Happy Fall everyone and Pony Up!

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