A Final Farewell

By Courtney Steele


Hi y’all! The realization that graduation is 16 days away. Anticipation for summer. Long hours of studying for finals. It is that time. I hope everyone is having a great end to the school year, college decisions are being made and your excitement about the next step is growing.

It is time to say a final farewell. This transition is bittersweet – I’m so excited to move on with the next stage of my life working at an advertising agency in Denver (I’m a lucky graduate who has a job lined up before May 12th rolls around) but the thought of leaving a place that has helped me grow, change and let me choose to be whoever I chose to be or wanted to be is incredibly sad. I cannot express with words how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to spend four years of my life in Dallas at SMU. I’m so blessed to be leaving with an outstanding education, more memories than I can count and people that will be in my life forevermore.

Working in the admissions office has been an experience unlike any other. I’ve had the privilege of seeing families visit and ask questions, make decisions and watch their students flourish into being a member of the Mustang family for 3 years –  I cannot explain what a joy it has been to be a part of, and hopefully helped with, their college decision year after year.

SMU and Dallas are my second home, my second family and a place that will always have an untouchable piece of my heart. But, I foremost need to thank my family. I could not have gone out on my own, experienced a different world, grown into a mature and (hopefully) better version of myself, or challenged myself in ways I never thought possible without your unfailing love and support. Thank you for my life changing four years at SMU. I love you.

This is my final post, thank y’all for reading my words of wisdom (I hope they were at least somewhat wise). Stay happy, excited and nostalgic during this time. Here’s to what is, what ain’t and what might be – once a Mustang, always a Mustang. Pony Up!

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