SMU (Tour Guide) Style

By Liz Blumberg

If you’ve ever visited the Admissions Office on campus, I’m sure you’ve caught a glimpse of at least one of us students hard at work. I’m sure you’ve also noticed our spirited attire: red and blue official SMU Tour Guide polo shirts. While classy AND practical (Nike air dry technology during August, anyone?), they are a little on the plain side. While some may categorize them as boring, I like to think that they give us a plain “canvas” to work with and style as our own. While we might all wear the same polo, we all take advantage of the opportunity to make it our own. Take a look for yourself next time you’re in


Cameron rocks the tucked in look with a classic SMU hat, while Lauren C celebrates a warm spring day in a floral scarf, and Amie jazzes up the blue polo with a festive winter scarf and cardigan.

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